• In an earlier blog I expressed the opinion that there is no magic
      bullet when it comes to climate change – that the tipping point has
      been past and even if all pollution stopped as of this moment it would
      take literally decades to reverse the damage done as a period of decline
      continued for a time.
      I’m increasingly inclined to believe the same can be said of the
      political process.
      This country is a corporatocracy pure and simple, politicians bought
      and paid for, very few are principled – neither the reality of climate
      change nor the political process bodes well and both have their share
      of deniers.
      The right to protest valid grievances, a Constitutional right, is allowed
      as long as it takes place in the non physical realm of the internet, acceptable
      background noise lending itself to an illusion – take it to the streets and it
      becomes a different story.
      What people need to understand is that talk is the cheapest of commodities, the
      cheapest form of protest……I recently read a couple of articles by Ralph Nader
      and Noah Chomsky, both extolling the virtues of demonstrations as having a place
      and adding an element of expediency.
      Rioting isn’t going to cut it, non violent peaceful protest will and has.
      Peaceful protest including strikes and boycotts in a sustained manner. The
      dollar is what counts, hitting them where it will hurt is the only thing that
      is capable of impacting the greed mentality.
      Routinely voting politicians out of office who fail to place the people and
      the nation first is the only message they will understand. Of course that would
      require rescinding the blood oath of my party over all other considerations and
      that has been shown to be anything but the way of it.
      Conspiracy theories abound, some bordering on the laughably absurd, others should
      compel people to say hmmm and do a little research.
      Mediocrity in government has become an acceptable reality, something to aspire to,
      the results should be apparent to everyone.
      Is there a globalist greed agenda? Is climate change a reality? Maybe not to an Ostrich
      but certainly to anyone with an IQ above 50.
      I’m inclined to think Merkel wants to establish a new Reich with the IMF, World Bank,
      and the EU as vehicles to affect that.
      Of course as an indigenous person I’m not supposed to think about or have an opinion
      about events that will profoundly impact our well being so far down the socioeconomic
      ladder as we are, but one only has to view the depressions of the 19th and 20th centuries
      along with any and all times of economic “crisis” to understand the greatest impact is
      always among those with the least.
      And so I say sovereignty and independence for the nations and we will either sink or
      swim on our own, but at least what ensues will be by our hand.

    • I think depending on the level of commitment a man would
      be willing to take a blow or two for a just cause if it
      served a higher purpose.
      Anything more than that and then it’s probably going to be on.
      Not an easy thing to “turn the other cheek” but those who followed
      Gandhi prevailed doing just that as it sparked a global outrage
      and set an entire nation of millions free.
      A model MLK adopted.
      The entrenched always seek to portray those who hunger for
      equity in a negative manner, they will often insert “moles”
      into protest movements whose purpose is to turn a demonstration
      into a confrontation – reason enough for protest movements
      to police themselves and arrive at decisions by consensus or
      a large majority.
      Men like Gandhi and MLK come along infrequently, pretenders
      on the other hand are the proverbial dime a dozen.

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