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  1. I recently received an e-mail from France about the visit of Chief Leonard Crow Dog Jr. in a feather headdress, who is represented as the Chief of the Lakota people. Surprised, I looked him up on the internet, and found out that Leonard the Elder ,as “Chief” , had bestowed upon his son the title of “Sundance Chief.” I met Leonard some 30 years ago at Yellow thunder Camp and at the time it was known among many people of my acquaintance on Pine ridge that , because of his drinking and beating his wife , he was no longer a respected medicine man. (The drinking and the beating were confirmed by Richard Erdoes , the author of both books of Mary Crow Dog and Dennis Banks ,when I visited him in Santa Fe).. . In Santa Cruz, Ca., in the late 80’s, during a meeting of the International Indian Treaty Council, Leonard and I stepped out to smoke. He remembered me well from the Yellow Thunder Camp sundance he led when he had invited me to Crow Dog Paradise. I visited one of his sundances there for a few hours. He told me during that conversation in Santa Cruz that he was angry at the AIM leaders for bypassing him as “spiritual leader’ after AIM spiritual leader Phillip Deer (Muskogee from Oklahoma) passed away. When I later asked this question of Dennis Banks during an intimate dinner at Kay Cole’s house in San Francisco (Dennis and wife Kamook, Floyd Westerman and I were her guests), Dennis got up and paced the room in silence, then said he would respond to my question in total truth, that the staff of spiritual leadership which Phillip Deer had recommended to be passed to Leonard Crow Dog was in the hands of Kamook, because the AIM leaders had decided that Crow Dog was not their choice. He asked Kamook to verify the fact that she was the custodian of that staff and she did. I have wondered for many years what happened to that staff. Recently, I even wondered if keeping that staff did indeed make her want to reveal what she knew to be the truth about Annie Mae Aquash, Leonard Pelletier and others….Now, I am really surprised that Leonard’s son is celebrated somewhere in France as the Chief of the Lakota people!!!

    • I’ve seen numerous photos of his entire family adorned with
      headdresses, even teenagers – for Crow Dog and a great many
      others things such as these, pipes and titles, are nothing
      more than props intended for a non indigenous audience who
      just can’t seem to get enough of it.
      An expectation of “Indianists” and “hobbyists” especially on
      foreign shores like Europe and Japan.
      Other examples are the attempt to promote Leonard Peltier
      as a high ranking AIM member, even going so far as to describe
      him as a founder and something of a “spiritual” leader.
      Regrettably when it comes to titles and such among the Shaimsters
      and their minions it is basically an in house promotion, a favor
      for a favor, or as friend of mine is given to say “for them it isn’t
      who they know but who they blow”.
      I’m not given to such expressions but it seems more than appropriate
      in this instance and apologies if any find offense other than those
      it is intended for.
      A good point about kamook and the staff, and could well be the reason
      she stepped forward – as to it’s whereabouts I imagine the possibilities
      are limited – either in the possession of an AIM “liberator” or sold into
      a private collections much the same I suspect as the items they stole from
      the WK museum during their reign of terror and mayhem there are.
      I can’t help but grin a little thinking how the AIM drones might
      attempt to qualify Crow Dogs drunkeness and wife beating as ” ultimately
      it doesn’t matter”or the result of “paranoia” and he was made to do it.
      From dysfunctional parents come dysfunctional children, it’s all about
      the values or lack of them that are taught and displayed.
      Crow Dog is a liar, cultural genocidist, and fraud…..always has been,
      always will be.
      I wonder if Crow Dog charged jr for the title, he’s big on selling them
      and “sundance licenses” to others much the same as Bank$ is.

      • What was most surprising – and ridiculous – to me was that the May 2015 visit of Jr. was hailed by French mayors and city councils of several towns as an “official visit ” by a Lakota Chief. This “official” tour was arranged and promoted by French photographer Maurice Rebeix who has sundanced at Crow Dog’s Paradise, is a supporter of Leonard Peltier, and seems to confuse the Rosebud AIM group with the entire Lakota nation…… No inkling on the part of the well meaning French people of the theatrical embassy to which they were subjected. I must say however, from videos and written reports that Junior, his wife and child seemed to have behaved with great decorum and performed their embassy rather well. His message was a subdued one and simple: We are human beings like you, he repeatedly told various groups of French children assembled in school settings. No doubt, lots of money must have been collected…. (I would like to add a PS here concerning my attending a sundance at crow Dog Paradise in 1985. I only stayed two or three hours as I could not believe my eyes and wanted to get away from it. Dancers with sunglasses and drinking coke between dances, mostly non-Indians….. I was stunned by the circus atmosphere and left as soon as I could. I shall never forget that experience ! )

      • I’m confident it was a profit making success, an air of humility
        would enhance the we are victims and yet no different as well.
        Ordinarily I don’t speak of such things as I consider them
        personal, something more than for show or a perceived resume
        But I have sundanced on more than one occasion and such
        behavior would absolutely not be tolerated. But then I’ve always
        avoided any “ceremonies” branded by and offered by AIM.
        I once took an elder to one of those of “rainbow gatherings”,
        I had zero interest in doing so but he was curious, the same
        circus atmosphere prevailed, the same behavior, the same alcohol
        and drugs – needless to say our visit was short and on the return
        trip after much thought and silence he stated simply and eloquently
        that those people had lost their minds.
        I’m something of a stickler when it comes to our ceremonies, I
        don’t believe they should be sold, are for show, and many of them
        should be exclusive.
        Lot of people don’t agree, especially those with dollar signs
        in their eyes, but that’s where I’m coming from.
        There is a difference in inviting a guest, but approval should
        be sought and the guest should respect the nature of a such things.
        You know Helene, you should write a book detailing your experiences,
        it would go a long way in setting the record straight and in doing so
        ultimately benefit the nations.
        You of course would be verbally attacked but I have the feeling that
        wouldn’t be a consideration or deterrent for you.
        Thanks your comments over time, they have a distinct value. Be well.

  2. You’ve really got me laughing now SB, that’s right, laughing at YOU with your
    “trying to bully a response out of me” whine.
    Is that what you call asking for a reply to a lone simple question? Sounds
    a little desperate to me.
    Other comments you’ve made haven’t made it through you say? You got that
    right and won’t as long as you think you can pose questions, receive an answer,
    and refuse to do likewise.
    Over what has been years now you’ve done the same when it comes to any hard
    question – do you really think you don’t out yourself in doing so, devalue any
    opinion you might offer, or that readers fail to take note?
    You’ve been bounced from more than one site across the net for the same thing,
    and for attempting to make them a propaganda site for po’ Leonard and the rest
    of your girlfriends.
    What is it that makes you think you can accomplish that here?
    So the simple lone question remains and isn’t going to go away whether you call
    it bullying or anything else:
    By the very standard you and AIM have defined and applied to any who speak
    against them or assist law enforcement with crimes they have committed does
    Russell Means qualify as a snitch?
    Now I know the welcome mat at Crow Dogs “paradise” and that glow stick you
    claim makes you a fire keeper hang in the balance but show a little courage,
    a little integrity, speak some truth to power for a change and admit the obvious
    or content yourself with the copy/pasting thing and that Pee Wee’s big adventure
    bicycle you peddle around when the difficult questions arise.
    One other thing, your boy Leonard? he’s a punk.

  3. The “immaculate deception” that is shAIM has run its course and is grasping at anything they can to stay or seem relevant. Interpretive centers/museums, libraries, personal appearances and whatever else gets them noticed should be a clear sign that their imagined self importance is greater than the rest of us in NDN country.

    • All they’re missing is a cap like Trump’s saying
      Make The Nations Great Again rather than Make
      America Great Again – and like Trump all they have
      to offer are what they consider to be populist
      slogans that will resonate with a percentage of
      the demographic.
      Keep punchin’ Wade

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