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  1. Hi Rezinate,

    I totally understand why you would want to remain anonymous. So no worries there. I am just hoping you could find a way to point me in a direction.

    My name is Barbara. I am a white 60 year old Jewish woman in Virginia and I have been drawn to trying to learn more about the death of a Cheyenne cousin named Raymond Spang. He was murdered at 33 in New Mexico in 1982.

    People have been reluctant to discuss what happened to him, who was behind it etc. Ray was a member of AIM, pretty devoted to the traditional ways, well educated, and an environmental activist who bravely stood up to corporations and the government. A friend of mine helped him draft a bill to prevent Big Oil from strip mining the land and for the tribe to have more control in their affairs.

    At first I thought it might have been Arco (now BP), then I thought maybe the gov’t (or both). Now I wonder if it might have been the work of someone he knew. I learned his body was de

    I filed a FOIA request though I suspect the truth will remain hidden unless I keep digging.

    I am trying to make a difference by writing a book to hopefully open people’s (people in my world) eyes a bit.

    It’s obvious native Americans experienced a holocaust. Strangely this fact is completely absent in the public dialogue, perhaps because we devoured your culture enough to disintegrate it beyond recognition.



    • Off the top of my head nothing comes to mind related to a Raymond Spang,
      though the name sounds a little familiar.
      If he was a member of AIM that in my opinion is the first place to look.
      Going the foi route is another but iffy at best.
      You might search news archives in New Mexico related to his death and any
      AIM presence or events within the time frame.
      Taking on any corporation, especially a multi national one isn’t devoid of
      peril, so there may or may not be a connection.
      Paul DeMain of Indian Country Today has compiled a virtual encyclopedia of
      information pertaining to AIM and various members, contacting him might
      produce something or point you in a direction that will.
      I have an external hard drive a lot of information has been stored on and
      I’ll go through that to see if the name Spang is there.
      Genocide has been and remains global in nature, being of Jewish ancestry
      you’re well aware of that – increasingly the issue of an internal cultural
      genocide is what has to be confronted now, I lay the origins of that squarely
      at the AIM leaderships door.
      Unless you have been an active participant in the genocide and destruction
      related to indigenous people in this hemisphere no need exists to use the
      inclusive “we” when speaking of it – guilt and responsibility are accrude
      on an individual basis.

  2. Sorry – I’m writing on my phone and my email was sent before I intended it to. 😕 I was winding it up anyway.

    YI just wanted you to know that I have a lot of respect for your voice. It’s probably impossible for me to truly understand the Native American experience beyond just looking at it from a distance and feeling shame and pity. (At least my relatives were not the oppressors.)

    But since Ray was a member of my family, I would like to at least l him find some sort of justice for the life that was stolen from him.

    Thanks for listening,



    • Closure is not only important but a fundamental right of the survivors
      of victims – you’re not alone in having been denied this.
      There are those among our communities yet to attain closure and others
      like the children and family of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash it took decades
      of sustained effort to achieve a measure of justice.
      I’ll root around and ask others to as well related to Ray but can’t
      promise anything.

  3. Having thought about the contents of this particular blog I have
    some additional thoughts I consider germane to include:

    Personally I don’t care if people are enamored of our
    ceremonies or think them quaint, primitive, or for some,
    What I do care about is that they remain intact, they are
    the nations and no one elses – they aren’t open to revision,
    corruption, or the incorporation of a bunch of extraneous
    crystal skull waving, channeling, or Ouija board bs.
    We don’t need “sacred grails” being cast at pe sla, “star
    knowledge” for fun and profit, or cds and dvds offering
    the “sacred teachings”.
    Nor do we need lil’ grandmothers, thunder churches,
    “rainbow tribes”, or cobbled together new age “clans”.
    We don’t need tales of cruising in UFO’s upon having been
    selected by the chaffeurs of said interstellar vehicles to
    receive some special knowledge and then act as an emmisary.
    We don’t need people donning headdresses or paint flooding
    youtube and facebook with videos promoting themselves or
    products – all we need is to be who we have been and remain
    true to that.

  4. Still no cigar SB, doesn’t matter which blog post you bounce around
    attempting to post a “comment”, the question remains…. by the
    very definition AIM and you have applied to any who spoke against
    them or assisted law enforcement related to crimes AIM committed
    does that make Russell Means a snitch as he “assisted” S.D.AG
    Marty Jackley and “other” law enforcement?
    You know, your Renfield to the AIM Dracula impersonation really
    doesn’t accomplish anything, In fact it is as detrimental to your
    “cause” when you refuse to answer obvious and pertinent questions
    as are the many lies Peltier has been caught in.
    You might want to give some thought to a program update.

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