1. As can be seen this was originally posted roughly two and half years ago, yet
    it remains a burning issue.
    Something else to consider is it appears that wherever AIM has entrenched itself
    the greater the problem when it comes to issues like this – if so then it seems an
    obvious connection that the examples of drugs, alcohol, murder, the denigration
    of women in real time as opposed to rhetoric they set, and the absolute corruption of traditional values are contributing factors.
    My position on this hasn’t been altered since initially posting them – our children
    are not marketable commodities to be plucked and sold – neither are they to be adjuncts
    to a dysfunctional home environment.
    This is a reality that like all realities is multifaceted requiring that all facets receive
    equal attention and in doing so address them.
    Personally I don’t give a damn about much of anything Chase Iron Eyes has to say
    and even less if possible for his selfies, no more than I do any other AIM satellite
    Children are the victims here, children who can exercise little if any control over the
    events that occur in their life, they are the priority – they are not only a parental
    responsibility but a communal one as well.
    It’s common for our people to call any child son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson,
    or granddaughter, about time we started acting like we believe that on a communal level.
    They aren’t to be exploited in any manner by anyone, and that includes self promotion.
    A viable first step would be to increase shelters for women and children and related
    counseling/treatment – for tribal government officials to prioritize such things over nepotism
    and cronyism.
    What is it everyone is so afraid of that compels them to present a partial narrative
    that by it’s very exclusionary nature can only lend itself to a partial solution?
    Is it that to speak inclusively and in a forthright manner that last real indian
    connotation might be removed – is it about falling out of favor or being called
    a sell out?
    If so to hell with that, it’s about the children remember?

    • there you go again rez speaking truth and pissing people off. your right to hell
      with the games and time to stand up and be counted or shut the f up.

      • Keep this type of talk up shard and it won’t be long before
        you’re called a sell out.

        Truth of the matter is there are people attempting to address
        the issues, some for show and some of good heart. Credit to
        the good hearts and to hell with the posers.

  2. It is sad thing for the parent to lose the little one, but it is sad to for
    a little one to be abused or live in the home with alcohol and drugs.
    If any can not be a good parent they should not be one.
    Our little ones have been stolen from us for a long time, now some
    throw them away to foster care and open the door for them to taken
    because they drink and do drugs.
    Yes rezinate speak the truth and we will speak it with you.

    • You make a good point in saying our children have been stolen
      for literally centuries – the current mode of theft no less
      egregious and in need of addressing.
      But within this are contributing factors that must be addressed
      as well – and that is a very inconvenient truth many refuse to
      even acknowledge.
      We’re either a hundred percent behind the welfare of our children
      and communities or we aren’t – I don’t believe a middle ground

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