17 comments on “HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE

    • Thank you.
      Digital cameras have become so advanced auto focus
      is very dependable – not knowing what kind of camera
      you have I’d suggest looking in your owners manual to
      determine how to go about HDR.
      There should be a setting in the cameras menu that
      will allow you to select three or more exposures to use
      for HDR, having done that it will auto focus as usual and
      when pressing the shutter button will fire off three
      From there you’ll need to combine and edit them in a
      software program – some cameras offer an HDR in camera
      option -a mode that will process from a single exposure
      and render an HDR photo, which you will still probably
      want to tweak.
      If you don’t have a manual you can download one from
      the net or watch a video tutorial specific to your
      camera on youtube etc.
      Nice site you have.

      • Thank you! I have a Canon Rebel xsi eos with lots of settings that I have never even used. I’ll look it up on-line. I did have a software program to tweak pictures on my old computer but this one doesn’t have a disk drive! Can you believe it? It feels backwards to me. I’ll get around to download a new one because I really do miss having it.

      • The Canon Rebel is a good little camera with a huge number of
        available lenses – the manual for it like all manuals is extensive,
        you kind of have to wade through them but features are indexed.
        You can pick up an eternal cd/dvd disk drive fairly inexpensively that
        will plug into a usb port – LG makes a good one.
        A friend was telling me he saw the latest Photoshops Elements
        version at Walmart for $59 -that’s down about $40, as an editing
        program it will do a great many things…..comes as a download also.
        If you get into HDR and post any anywhere I’d appreciate it if
        you’d give me a heads up as I’d like to see them.

      • I did read up on it last night and found 2 different things I can do. One uses the av and aeb mode. When I get a day to try it, I will and will let you know. I’ll have to check that software out. Thanks again.

      • Good,glad you found what you were looking for – manuals seem a
        little cumbersome and redundant at times but useful if you’re
        willing to slog through them.
        Once you’re comfortable with the process you might want to consider
        shooting in the RAW format – saves seriously more detail by disallowing
        any in camera processing and creates a dng, or digital negative, you
        “develop” and then can convert to jpeg or tiff for additional editing.

  1. Lovely photo and interesting post. I haven’t tried HDR except with the camera on my phone, but will check it out with my “real” camera and software.

    • If you can determine the month and year it was posted I’ll pull it up on my end and see what the problem could send a link also once I know where it’s at.

      • Just realized stillsearching2 is the user name of a person who commented,
        if you’re denied access through the gravitar that I think is the way they way
        they have it set up.

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