13 comments on “MY BAD

  1. You have said many times rezinate that you do not have the problem
    to admit if yoiu are wrong and now you show how important the
    truth is for you and you are a man of his word.
    We do not see silent bear or AIM to do this, only to tell the lies.

  2. Yes a mistake was made because you trusted a friend, one in the three
    years I’ve followed your blog and you immediately addressed it.
    Nobody is perfect and lord knows we all make mistakes.
    You’ve shown character, I admire a man who does.

  3. you manned up got to respect that. in four or five years you made
    a mistake and said so, big deal.
    In years and years silent bear and aim have not made mistakes
    they have lied and wont admit it.
    learned a lot from your blog and got your back, keep punching.

  4. Rez & all your loyal followers:

    An explanation and perhaps an apology are in order.

    The link to the January 20, 2009 letter from Peltier to President Obama was a companion piece to an actual letter to President Obama dated March 14, 2009 providing the reasons why he should not consider Peltier’s clemency.

    Within the January 20th letter there were 56 footnotes.

    Footnote 56:

    56 “To Whom It May Concern, “Leonard Peltier; My plea for Clemency” is intended as satire. However, it is factually accurate and based on direct quotes from Leonard Peltier, primary and secondary sources relating to his convictions and the legal history through court records. It is offered under two presumptions; that Peltier will or has applied for a Presidential pardon (clemency) from President Obama, and that he should be honest while recounting the truth of his conviction. In other words, while still professing his innocence in the face of the unmistakable evidence of guilt, he can still make his argument while being honest to the facts.

    Of the 70 or so Editorial Essays and dozens of blogs I have always relied heavily on footnotes, wanting to provide proper sourcing of facts, unless it is clearly offered as opinion.

    Sorry if this caused any issue.

  5. The comments by your readership say it all rezinate, you made a
    mistake, nothing criminal in nature and corrected it.
    Leonard Peltier has lied for years and never admitted it, you stand
    taller now in our eyes than ever before.
    God bless you.

    • The issue of guilt, truth, and complicity evolved long ago into a
      dog fight, both sides circling one another looking for an opening,
      it is the victims of and survivors of victims who have suffered the
      Perry Ray Robinson Jrs family still wait after decades for the
      repatriation of his remains – the justice sought by the family of
      Annie Mae Pictou Aquash took decades to partially achieve – Johnny
      Moore’s family will probably never have any measure of closure, nor
      will the families of Roque Duenas and those who lie in unmarked
      graves at wk2 by the hand of AIM.
      History may be concealed for a time but has a way of revealing itself,
      it may be that this revelation will take place in a future generation,
      better late than never but hope springs eternal related to foi’s to
      be filed.
      In a way this brings to mind a photo of a poster on Last Real Indians
      that is an homage of sorts to warrior women of the nations – in the
      original Annie Mae Pictou Aquash is listed, in the LRI version her name
      has been removed. I have both copies and the exclusion is obvious.
      Something that has been brought to their attention and yet to be addressed,
      to be expected though as LRI is infatuated with AIM.
      My friend wasn’t aware the footnotes had been likewise altered, that
      qualifies as an honest mistake in my opinion, big difference between an
      honest mistake and a stupid or intentional one…but a mistake is a mistake
      and should be corrected.
      Thank you for your comment.

  6. SB, browsing the spam bin I noticed your comment
    that you found my “coming clean somewhat
    Your approval is gratifying, so much so I’d like
    for you to likewise share the same experience
    by coming clean yourself related to your boys,
    those Special Aimsters in Charge – commonly
    referred to as SACs.
    Myself and others would find that somewhat

  7. SB, or “Sherlock Holmes” as you’ve seemed to label yourself in your latest spam missive.
    Only you could come up with the Holmesian errant conclusion that the friend I mentioned who sent the material the referenced blog I posted was Wood- but like everything else you say I don’t give a rip what you think and it all lands in the spam bin when it arrives.
    And no I won’t divulge their name as I respect the privacy of others and you would probably begin the same kind of spam campaign against them you’re so noted for.
    If you had to sit around for hours with your boys or exchange endless emails to conjure up such an insipid comment you really need to get out more.
    You and creator may know things as you say, but they are diametrically opposed – now twist another glow stick, take a selfie, and post it on the web telling people you’re a firekeeper and you know what’s better for the nations than we do.

    Here’s a list of names for you to assign a designation to – N for natural Death or A for AIM murder victim:
    Annie Mae Pictou Aquash
    Perry Ray Robinson Jr.
    Johnny Moore
    Leo Wilcox
    Roque Duenas
    Nogeeshik Aquash
    The multiple victims who lay in unmarked graves at WK2
    Williams and Coler

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