1. Well said! I couldn’t agree with you more. I had a political/news type blog for years. Finally threw up my hands and gave up. It was like regurgitating the same old thing, year after year. I felt like I was preaching to the choir and wasn’t going to change anyone’s mind. Then decided I would just live my simple life and maybe by doing…even if it is localized…it might rub off. It has in a small way. We got 3 people to start gardening.

    • Good for you, and if each of the three encourage another
      all the better.
      Ultimately it’s about examples set whether in the home or
      the community and understanding that silence is a form of
      Is your former blog archived on the net and accessible?

      • I deleted it years ago. Wanted to wash my hands of it and start anew. I swear all the research and reading was giving me ulcers! I didn’t want to be that person anymore. Less stressful.

      • Thanks. I have been reading your blog for a long time. Just never commenting. I may not relate to or agree with some of your posts (I hope you don’t take that personal) but I like your blog and do hope you keep doing it, I would miss it.

      • Appreciate that you read and follow – I don’t expect
        anyone to agree with everything I say anymore than I
        agree with everything others say, and I take no
        Diversity of thought and meaningful exchanges often
        enough are catalysts of discovery and vehicles of
        understanding that in turn can lead to solutions or
        equitable compromise.
        I had an Irish friend who since has returned to
        Ireland that would describe his beliefs as being fierce,
        that didn’t imply a negative, though it could be
        depending on variables, rather passion and commitment.
        If I were pressed to describe the opinions and beliefs
        I hold I would say I likewise am fierce in my passion
        and commitment to them – but hopefully not so passionate
        and committed as to wear blinders.

      • The reply you posted and how well it was written is exactly why I like your blog! I wish more people could discuss and learn from each other while being civil. Learning from and working together for solutions sounds like a good thing to me. Too bad most of our world leaders don’t see it that way.

      • I think even those who only do the occasional
        drive by know that I am a fan of Orwell.
        In his book 1984 a part of the narrative is a
        perceived need by governments to have “enemies”.
        I believe that’s intrinsically true.
        At times the “traditional enemies” fail to suffice
        so new ones are cultivated – real enemies do exist,
        but within that reality are also contributions
        to the effort.
        An example would be the U.S. supporting the Shah of
        Iran, as a nation they haven’t forgotten or forgiven.
        So in a sense it isn’t a stretch to say that Iran was
        a cultivated enemy, whether they are now or not depends
        on what defines an enemy.
        Civility should be the first choice, at times it isn’t
        possible – civility in my opinion should encompass the
        truth, a willingness, if not an obligation, by parties to
        acknowledge what is true and what isn’t.
        At times being civil with a bully or in the face of blatant
        lies leads to a black eye or a perception of weakness,
        especially on the net where it can become very tiresome.
        According to Askimet close to a hundred thousand spams have
        been directed to this blog during it’s existence, some of them
        calling me any number of things – nothing civil about them and
        if that’s the way they want it they shouldn’t expect civility
        from me – the difference being I’m not a world leader, which
        ultimately may or may not actually make a difference.

    • I agree shard, sort of bludgeoned into acceptance, reflected
      I believe in the declining number of those who vote – that no
      doubt has to do with a sense of futility and lack of confidence
      in government.
      Voters are a minority, so it seems a stretch to claim a mandate
      from a demographic that doesn’t constitute a majority of the
      Nor does a mandate exist based on the obscene amount of “campaign
      contributions” by super pacs etal.
      But that’s the rhetoric of politics, if ten people voted and
      six went with a candidate said candidate would claim a mandate
      as though they held a huge majority.

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