4 comments on “MORATORIUM

  1. God-given rights Thomas Jefferson proclaimed in the US Declaration of Independence continue to be a threat to those who united nations, national academies of sciences and religions to try to control the people:


    Religious and political leaders hate to admit that the Sun made and sustains every atom, life and planet in the solar system:

    Click to access Solar_Energy.pdf

    Religious and political leaders have no role in the big scheme, except to make sure people get their God-given rights.

    That’s why they paid scientists and reporters to hide the truth from the public after Copernicus reported in 1543 the Sun controls planet Earth.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

    • As a people the nations know all too well what
      independence or the lack of it means.
      We also know that the Declaration of Independence
      wasn’t interpreted in such a way as to apply to us
      or slaves – that the so called god given rights had
      no application to those perceived as savage illiterate
      children of a lesser god.
      It is a great irony, poetic justice, that now this very
      document lends itself as a vehicle to advance our
      claims, to assert that we are no less a people with
      “inalienable rights” independent of any religious or
      scientific beliefs.

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