30 comments on “BENEATH THE SHEETS

  1. WPA worked for my father…with an eighth grade education growing up in a cold water flat in the Bronx with eleven brothers and sisters. Logging with the Forrest Service in Oregon until he forged his birth certificate and entered the Navy and WWII at seventeen.

    • Never heard a negative about the WPA, seen some of
      the construction projects and they were well executed.
      Seems like commonsense to restore the WPA, but the
      stumbling block may be that it would be commonsense to
      do so – probably be labeled as socialist in the bargain.

  2. At the very least, every corporation that received money from the taxpayer/government, should have to give it back before they leave the country. Any tax breaks, incentives, research and development dollars payed back to the public purse.
    We see the same thing here in Canada. Wouldn’t it be nice to have politicians that actually worked for the people?
    Excellent post!

    • I like the sound of that, and in practice could become
      a deterrent.
      There’s talk in this country about leveling what would
      amount to an exit tax on the wealthy who move to another
      country and take their money with them – so far it hasn’t
      amounted to much more than talk.
      If enacted I imagine it would be as loophole filled as
      everything else.
      Been to Canada a few times, beautiful and plenty of
      room. Roamed up and down the Peace River a few times
      and have friends in various “reserves”.
      Thank you.

      • We shouldn’t hold our breath. Something like that would never happen. They don’t even enforce the rules they signed when receiving the handout. Canada is beautiful. We are in Ontario but have been out west and it took our breath away.

      • I think Bernie Sanders is the man, a reality though is if he were to be elected
        one man can’t do it alone – it’s been abundantly illustrated it isn’t about the
        common welfare but partisanship and cronyism when it comes to politicians – granted
        veto powers exist but they can be over ridden.
        I had mentioned in a previous blog that I believe the environmental/climate change
        tipping point has been passed – that if things could be turned around overnight it
        would still require years, even decades to remediate the damage done.
        I’m inclined to believe the same of government, a tipping point was passed and it
        will require more than a single administration to recover.
        Nonetheless it is essential to begin the process, a part of that is activism, to
        take the blinders off and look beyond party allegiance, for the public to engage.
        Since the only language corporations understand is money, nationwide boycotts
        would be an effective tool – that would require what many would construe to be
        sacrifice and they aren’t willing to go there. A wanting and having your cake sort
        of thing.
        But I believe a time may come when people will be forced to make very real sacrifices,
        if and when it does that is when the sleeping giant will awaken and large scale
        change will ensue.
        Hopefully in the interim incremental and ongoing change will be the way of it,
        if you can’t beat them, outlast them.

      • I’ll have to look into him. I have been avoiding politics for so long and haven’t kept up with the U.S. news. Looking at the individual, instead of the party is what I often wrote about. It’s time to be an individual and educate ourselves about the people who are paid to work in our best interest, yet never seem to have money to fix our infrastructure or help people in our own country. I wish people would boycott these companies in masses, they have been successful in some cases, but I think if it ended up being things people rely on, it won’t happen. It will be too late when everyone realizes we are headed for collapse. So, true…outlast them. I like that.

      • I always cite Caesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers as an example
        of the power of boycotts – Ghandi as well, which was very much a boycott
        in a number of ways.
        Sanders predictably is being portrayed as a “socialist” with the nuanced
        intention to conjure up images of being the same brand of “socialism”
        communist countries have practiced relying on people not knowing the
        It is fuel for conservatives who see everything that doesn’t pander to
        capitalism on steroids as being akin to a communist threat – apparently
        they learned nothing from the tyranny and witch hunts of the McCarthy era.
        To undermine a thought or a movement all you have to do is to invoke a
        fear of it and wave the flag.
        Politics is far from my favorite topic, but I’ve come to believe in the
        Orwell quote I cited that all issues are or have become political in nature,
        and as Howard Zinn said “all governments lie”.
        Governments do lie, there’s a certain acceptance of that, but when they abuse
        the privilege as egregiously as they have people should take it as a personal
        I’ll never label myself as a Democrat, Republican, Tea Partier or any other
        political designation – and I could care less if Sanders is a socialist or
        not as he’s the only one whose making any sense.
        It’s interesting to note that as Hillary Clinton begins slipping in the polls
        she’s taken to cherry picking some of Sander’s points and adopting them as her
        If a collapse should occur people such as yourself who are into gardening and
        knowledgeable about it will better weather the storm – it would be a good thing
        if people did a little reading about the Victory gardens of WW2, the shortages
        and rationing taking it to heart.
        Even if nothing were to occur they would be ahead of the game in eating better and
        having gained some measure of independence.

      • Socialism is a dirty word today because it doesn’t even resemble what it was meant to be. The same with activism. People look down on and make fun of it in the media to brainwash everyone into thinking it’s wrong and only done by people who don’t work. Lazy people with nothing better to do. If that doesn’t shame people enough, then they use fear. You will be watched, arrested, put on a list.
        If people educated themselves they would realize no war, no soldier ever gave us the rights and freedoms we have. We fought our own government to have them. Who won us the rights and freedoms we have? Everyday activists. That’s who.
        I try to avoid politics just because nothing seems to change, I am always interested in it.
        Hope her polls keep slipping. I read up on Bernie. If he is the real thing, I hope people vote for him! Best of luck!

      • It is a handicap for any candidate to overcome when
        they aren’t the choice of party national committies,
        in this case the DNC.
        The ideal ticket in my opinion would be Sanders and
        Elizabeth Warren, whose said she believes she can do
        more in the senate.
        I just read an interesting article about Clinton who
        during her time as Secretary of State was promoting
        Iraq as a “business opportunity” to her corporate
        cronies – something that apparently came to light in
        the email investigation.
        Had a person tell me “they” should stop picking on
        her and leave her alone – kind of illustrates the
        point that people are either unaware of indifferent
        to the political realities even while they go about
        issues and the need for meaningful change.
        Activism and free speech – without both there
        can be no representative government, no democracy.

      • The one thing they proved is that war is good for business. And that is about the only thing it’s good for other than keeping people occupied with it and not the things they should be concerned about. Cap and trade is another thing that bothers me. Why not fix the problem? Throwing money at it won’t fix it. It will make a bunch of people rich though with all the new bio company start-ups.

      • The idea of cap and trade has been around for at least
        a couple of decades and if implemented in an evenhanded
        way could be beneficial to a degree.

        But the mere mention of such legislation immediately
        unleashes lobbyists whose intent is to block, secure
        exemptions, or water such legislation down to the point
        where it doesn’t amount to much more than an exaggerated
        resume talking point.
        What really tells the story are loopholes like a “carbon
        credit” that are routinely abused – if you do something
        that can be classified as reducing emissions a “credit” is
        issued to exceed acceptable limits – kind of a two steps
        forward and one step backwards approach.
        The metric is based on a ten percent scale – if for
        instance a company is limited to emitting say a hundred
        tons of carbon dioxide a year they could be given a
        “credit” to release a hundred and ten tons.
        The only benefit is if the established limit plus the
        “credit” maintains these emissions below previous levels.
        I doubt that’s the case though, and imagine the credit leads
        to over spending just as credit cards do.
        Fast track trade agreements are another example of government
        gone wild – what they do is allow a president to negotiate
        and enter into trade agreements and after having done so
        submit them to Congress which has the Constitutional right
        to be a participant in any trade or treaty negotiations/agreement
        notwithstanding the current level of complete Congressional
        Once having submitted a fast track agreement Congress is exempted
        from making any alterations, they either vote a straight up yes
        or no.
        During the Nixon administration a media meme was Nixon was
        attempting to craft an “Imperial” presidency – such an attempt
        has been taken to a new level by both the Bush and Obama
        A part of this Imperial presidency began with the so called
        “patriot act” under the Bush administration which is routinely
        extended – Obama has taken it to the extreme of creating a “new
        legal regime” as illustrated in the below link.
        Couple this new legal regime with the indefensible assault on
        the basic and inherent right of privacy, free speech, and freedom
        of assembly as impacted by entities like the NSA and all that is
        missing is to put a crown on the head of whoever sits on the throne.
        Maybe a year or so ago when congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and her
        associates discovered the NSA was also data mining their phones,
        comps etc she raised hell demanding an exemption for politicians,
        that Imperial attitude.
        The very bill she and they voted for was good enough for everyone
        else whether it was constitutional or not but a violation when it
        came to them.

        I don’t know if it’s true or not but I’ve read that after watching
        the movie Patton Nixon ordered the bombing of Hanoi.
        I wonder if Obama watched the Minority Report and then decided
        on his new legal regime?

        “Why not fix the problem?” Good question, the answers seems to
        be in doing so profit margins would be impacted and interfere
        with an empirial presidency.

      • It’s a sad state of affairs. The problem is, it seems every time they make changes that could be for good reasons, the public pays for it and some company gets all the money. In the end what was really accomplished. Someone got a large sum of money for painting the side of a mountain in an effort to “help” with the climate change problem. This is what happens. The money they throw around with no intelligent thought behind it. Check this out:

        Click to access GeoMap-WMinfo.pdf

      • Lot of information in the pdf link that will send you off in other
        directions to look something up. That’s a good thing though and thanks.

        This geo storing of C02 is iffy at best – I happen to know
        someone who knows a geologist that is barnstorming the globe
        promoting this approach.
        I’ve also heard of a proposal to layer ocean areas where
        hurricanes form with a water soluble layer of oil, the
        theory being it would reflect sunlight and mitigate the
        increase of temperature that leads to hurricanes.
        I’m not a scientist or any kind of ist but most of the
        proposed solutions I’m aware of seem a little harebrained to
        me, they attempt to deal with the symptoms rather than the core
        The goal strikes me as creating the ability for corporations
        to continue their practices while running around behind them
        with a bucket and shovel trying to clean up.
        Painting Chalon Sombrero may provide a measure of relief on
        a small scale for a localized and highly dependent small
        community, that’s a big if in my opinion and I noticed only two
        men are involved in the project despite “grant” money as no
        one receives any pay.
        I’m all for volunteerism as long as there is transparency
        in the money end, but I’m kind of doubting that in Peru it
        would require that much to construct some small whitewash
        production operation that could be operated by a handful
        of people.
        Even if painting this mountain produces a beneficial effect
        isn’t a global solution and global solutions are essential.
        In the quest for solutions quackery will abound, this eras version
        of traveling medicine shows offering an assortment of palliatives
        that fall short of being effective.
        It wouldn’t surprise me if science in it’s infinite wisdom at some
        point begins to champion bio engineering to create hybrid white
        plants that reflect heat – maybe even suggest darker skinned races
        should go the skin bleaching route to lower their carbon footprint.
        In the midst of problems it can get a little hilarious at times,
        Stephen Hawkings said recently something to the effect that aliens
        undoubtedly exist and they like humans would be colonizers.
        If that’s true and we amp up white as in mountains, rooftops etc the
        earth would become even brighter when viewed from a distance – that
        could lead to attracting attention and precipitate an alien “invasion”,
        then we’d really be in the soup – but then if you believe stories on
        the net they’ve already disguised themselves as humans and infiltrated
        the government.
        Hopefully parents are raising their children to be environmental
        warriors as they are the ones who will bear the brunt of all this.
        I like what Howard Zinn said about civil disobedience, that civil
        disobedience isn’t the problem, rather civil obedience that has
        led to the “grand criminals” leading and controlling the world.
        Corporations are the biggest polluters and the lions share of
        effective remediation is their responsibility – it isn’t their’s
        to shift the burden to the others, and that’s where government
        should be vigorously stepping in …. they of course haven’t and
        don’t seem inclined to.

      • You have to be one of the most interesting people I have ever read online. You are certainly well read. I agree that there is a climate problem. My problem is they talk about farming, cars, people…and I am not saying anything is harmless, but how often do you hear about corporations polluting the water or air anymore. Dumping chemicals and toxins that cause cancer and disease. You have to hunt for that now. Like they don’t want the focus on the things that are killing people now. This nano-technology does not bring me any comfort. It makes it hard to capture and test. So, it goes unchecked. Particles so small they leech into lungs much easier. They are finding ways to cheat testing, not fix the problem. Underground storage scares me, can you imagine the damage if it burst? I would not want to be anywhere near one of those places. If they care for the storage containers like they do our water and oil pipelines, it’s an accident waiting to happen. With today’s technology no one should be dealing with these problems. Water that lights on fire, dirty water, food shortages. Things like this exist because that is the way they want it. There is no other logical explanation. They do it, or ignore, because they can.

      • Thank you, and I’ve enjoyed our exchanges.
        I haven’t much an education, never made it passed the seventh grade
        but I like to read and it helps to compensate.
        I was thinking about “storage”, such as nuclear waste which has a
        half life of 250,000 years, seems a little optimistic to assume it
        can be contained for a longer period of time than that of the recorded
        history of humankind and a good analogy related to pipelines.
        Then too one of the concerns related to global warming is the release
        of methane as glaciers recede and tundra defrosts, wouldn’t take a great
        deal to have a profound impact. Enough of it and extinction would be the
        Storing CO2 strikes me as bandaid, something temporary at best – there is
        even an idea being floated about capturing CO2 and transporting it into
        If that was an approach that was taken who would foot the astronomical
        cost? Corporations? Kind of doubt it.
        In the midst of all this conservatives in this country are intent on
        reducing the number and effectiveness of regulations – they consider
        them to be bad for the economy. Which is conservativese for they might
        interfere with corporate profits.
        There isn’t a week that passes where you don’t see a recall of a food
        product, and though not as frequently oil spills and toxic spills into
        rivers are becoming something of the norm. I imagine for every one that
        comes to light there are literally dozens that don’t.
        These corporations aren’t committing crimes against an individual
        or some number of individuals, their crimes are crimes against humanity,
        the aiding and abetting of these crimes by governments makes governments
        complicit and guilty by any standard a person could apply.
        You’re exactly right in saying these things are done because they can be
        done – the problem with the mainstream media is they have become for
        profit entities and conglomerates – conglomerates owned by individuals
        whose political allegiance is the unannounced mission statement they operate
        That leads not to a free press but a propaganda vehicle that selectively blocks
        news and places an emphasis on whatever story line they want to promote.
        If you browse Google, Yahoo, Safari, or AOL, the majority of what you see are
        articles about celebrities or any number of other totally irrelevant “information”.
        But, if there wasn’t a demand for such things the approach would be different.
        I agree about the nano particles, all the invisible things people are exposed
        to without even being aware of it.
        Not only scary but insidious as well.
        The sheer magnitude of the problems overwhelms people and many feeling a sense
        of helpless either resign themselves to the realities or believing there’s no
        other solution than to trust government and science opting to sit and wait for
        something to be done.
        Life is for living, and there are joy and good things to be found in each day,
        that’s where the balance lies, to enjoy life but also be aware of the issues.


      • I never heard about them considering sending it to space. We always foot the bill. It seems any so-called environmental project they back, benefits corporations in some way. Where we demand what they want and foot the bill. They create the demand. Wag the dog type actions. I usually avoid reading main stream media, unless I want to find out what they want to sell us on, and then turn to other sources outside of North America for more information.
        It’s probably better that you educated yourself. I didn’t get very far in school either. Sometimes I regret that, but like you say, I enjoy my life and make the best of what I have. No sense in mulling over the past. I want to enjoy what time I have here in peace and happiness.
        Thanks for the link. How sad.

      • I tend to favor other sources as well, at times people
        will send me links I check out and then pay forward.
        The link goes directly to what you said about exposure
        to unknowns.
        As individuals we may not be able to exert much influence
        but we surely can within our homes, families, and personal
        Lot of good people doing good things, and they should be
        celebrated as a affirmation of life – worthy examples.
        As such they become the nucleus of grassroots movements
        that can influence – a global awareness is taking place
        and it ain’t over till it’s over.
        I wish the best for you and yours and respect the fact
        that you provide positive examples with gardening and
        other pursuits. Be well.

      • Thank you! I do see a lot more people gardening and making changes in their lifestyle the past few years. I like that..”It ain’t over till it’s over.” If we stopped being little consumers we could see a big change in the way things are done.

      • I agree, there is a movement in the right direction, but more
        than that I am encouraged today by reading an article that
        a certain number of former campaign supporters and web designers
        of Obama’s campaign have joined Sanders – their goal is to rise
        awareness of the issues Sanders is discussing, and since you cannot
        run a viable campaign without enough money to slug it out with those
        who are well heeled to assist in raising campaign funding minus the
        vested interests – doesn’t bode well for Hillary as it’s been revealed
        she had an additional second “secret” email account.
        Sanders has taken issue with the repeal of Glass/Steagall, for those
        who have followed along Hillary has cherry picked Sanders talking
        points and added a twist or two in an attempt to make them her own.
        Suddenly now she raises the issue and says (big mistake) she isn’t
        in favor of re-enacting G/S but other things as it isn’t really the
        issue….. an obvious spin.
        No doubt with one eye to corporations and the banking industry she’s
        so close to and the other to husband Bill who promoted and signed the
        repeal legislation into law.
        Consumerism is by and large the altar America worships at, in fact the
        same altar the industrialized nations kneel before – nothing wrong
        with being a consumer if a person is conscientious and informed.
        A tragedy I think as a friend once said is that a great many children
        will grow up thinking going to the store is an act of harvesting, that
        the store somehow has the same equivalency as a farm or garden.

      • I had to do some reading because I was not sure what G/S was all about. If that was the cause of the big bailout of the banks, then good riddance! Wouldn’t it be something if he won?
        I wish we had someone worth voting for here in Canada.

      • G/S set the stage for pretty much every economic evil
        that has ensued – few economists would deny that save
        for those that could be likened to climate change
        In the global reality everything produces a ripple effect
        that will impact not only other nations but their populations
        as well – it seems though the game is always rigged so
        banks and corporations turn a profit.
        The bailouts consisted of either ridiculously low interest or
        zero interest rates- anyone receiving billions of low or no interest
        loans would be capable of making high yield investments or loans
        at interest with what amounts to zero risk.
        Ultimately what it amounted to was rewarding Wall Street and the
        Banks for at the very least malfeasance, but more appropriately
        put, criminal activities.
        Sanders is the one in my opinion, hopefully the ground swell of
        support cannot be overridden by national committees or corporate

      • I remember Iceland let the banks fail and I was so happy. Then I read they had to get money from the IMF after. Don’t know what one was the lesser evil for the average person that lives there.

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