One comment on “GET OVER IT

  1. In comparison CH has been under construction for literally
    decades, that due in part to refusing government funding,
    but I don’t think such funding was also refused for Rushmore.
    Ultimately monuments are cultural artifacts that may or
    may not resonate with other cultures or ethnicities.
    I know the T-shirt you mention, over the years people have
    given me the Homeland Security one featuring Geronimo,
    “Sure you can trust the government, just ask an Indian”
    featuring Sitting Bull, and others.
    Mostly a little worn and becoming ragged now due to work
    etc but I like the sentiments.
    There’s big plans for the CH site including a university for
    indigenous students along with housing, and a “cultural center”,
    among others.
    If those plans ever come to fruition at least something may
    have been gained.

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