5 comments on “A UTOPIAN IDEAL ? REDUX

  1. The odds of an allodial claim being successfully advanced aren’t exactly
    encouraging, yet whenever I think about it the more I feel as though an
    effort should be made.
    A reality is that the land we presently reside on is in fact recognized as
    being ours – the implication being under allodial definition is that as a
    people we should we have complete control over it.
    The further reality is that we don’t – if we were to advance an allodial claim
    to this end, to having a complete and sovereign control over tribal land we
    inhabit that might open the door to advancing other claims.

    • Thank you again – I’m not immune to going off on a rant as
      the latest blog A Legal Way attests to, but if so usually
      the result of trolls spamming and quoting the same old
      unsustainable lies that have been disproven over and over
      again. If said trolls would ever break with tradition and
      answer a single simple direct question it would be a different
      story, but since they don’t I’m neither giving any quarter or
      asking for any.
      I believe mounting an allodial claim in the context mentioned
      has merit, but I’m not an attorney and maybe it’s just wishful

      the below however is neither wishful thinking nor a response to
      trolls – it is a truism.

      “That the richest person is in this country is no better than the poorest,
      no politician, not a single one, better than a ditch digger or a home maker,
      the best educated no better than the least – that the value of an individual
      is not predicated on the color of their skin – that all children deserve an
      equal opportunity, food on the table, clothes on their back, shoes on their
      feet, a quality education, and the stability of a decent home and environment
      in which to grow up in.”

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