1. Using the 2+2 equation if you think about it the only way AIM or their flying
    monkeys could float the story that the feds killed Annie is to also say she
    was a snitch who had too much on them, the feds, – even they, or at least
    the majority of them aren’t stupid enough to advance such an obviously
    transparent self serving lie.
    Maybe in not having that option they would attempt to say Annie was
    a high ranking member of the leadership and therefore a target.
    Again not true – but even if it were why would the feds opt for her other than
    someone like Bank$ or Means?

  2. Come on now SB, are you huddling with compatriots attempting
    to revise your comment as you so often do?
    Take your time as I’ll be stepping away from the comp for a bit,
    but I won’t forget the contents and will respond.

  3. It’s your lucky day. Here it is exactly as it was posted. If you post it that would make me like 1-10 compared to the ED Woods privilege package of unlimited posts and a side-bar endorsement:

    Your approach is far from logic but rather mere speculation. Nobody was in the room to witness what Price said to Annie Mae in interrogation so the closest thing that we have is what Trudell testified under oath that she said that Price said. Here’s the Trudell quote from I.T.S.O.C.H pg 300:

    Q: Mr. Trudell, did you have a conversation with Annie Mae Aquash with reference to David Price?

    A:” She told me that she had been arrested at Crow Dog’s and ….Price saw her and when he saw who she was he said, ” There you are. We have been looking for you,” and that is all the conversation that took place there. They took them all to Pierre and she said during her interrogation by Price and another agent…that Price had told her that he knew who shot those agents, and that she could -should cooperate, and if she would, she would get a new identity, and she would get a new place to live….She cussed at him and he told her that if she wanted to have that attitude HE would see her dead within a year….”
    It sounds to me that they had plans of cultivating her as a phony witness a la Richard Moves Camp and Myrtle Poor Bear. Since she refused he THREATENED her saying that HE would see her dead within a year. He didn’t say that he thought that AIM would kill her in a year but rather that HE would see her dead within a year. Perhaps he pulled strings through his operatives and “made it happen” like the FBI have done countless other times? ( Malcolm X, MLK, Fred Hampton, Kenneth Michael Trentadue etc..)
    Any thoughts?

    • Luck doesn’t have anything to do with it, nor does complaining about the repetitive question avoiding comments you attempt not seeing the light of day.
      If luck were a factor though I’d say bad luck for you and another outing of the extremes you and your boys will go to:

      Now it’s speculation is it? You’re really losing it sb in consideration of the countless times you and other shaimsters have promoted it as being gospel.
      I mean how desperate can you get to now undermine all the related comments and promotions you’ve made related to the “threat”?
      So which is it, good enough when you think it serves a purpose to exonerate AIM but not good enough when it puts them on the spot?
      Are you saying everyone should ignore everything you and AIM have said about this Price quote? If so people should take it to heart as sound advice straight from the horses mouth.
      Or are you all content in hoping you can have it both ways?
      For your edification Annie told a lot more people than Trudell, maybe you ought to do the math on that, that is unless you’re “afraid” to.

      “Perhaps he pulled strings through his operatives and “made it happen”

      Well then, if we are to “speculate” as to this possibility then it can only follow that a shaimster or shaimsters were the operatives.
      Since we know both Hill and Means snitched, which in turn seems to
      qualify them as “operatives”, care to offer an opinion if it were either of them, or do you have other shiamsters you find more appealing as a suspect(s)?
      Do you find that too uncomfortable a “speculation” as you so often do when it doesn’t serve your purpose?
      A minor point – I didn’t tell my friend who was hospitalized by his
      alcohol related problems that I would kill him, only that HE would wind up dead in the morgue if he didn’t quit drinking as a result of that.
      To his credit he did quit, and has become the father and provider he
      should be.
      If we are to speak of countless murders, authorizing them, aiding and abetting them would you care to discuss the murders AIM committed at WK2, or that of Johnny Moore as they have a greater geo location
      relevance than Hampton or Trentadue?
      After all shouldn’t people prioritize problems within the immediacy of their own communities, their own backyard?
      If you mean to imply that testimony given under oath should be accepted do you then likewise imply that the testimony given under
      oath that served to convict John Graham should likewise be accepted?
      Time to pull the thinking cap out of the closet or ask the advice of others how to respond.

  4. P.S- Afford me one correction. I meant to say ” Louis” Moves Camp. The one that Price and Ron Williams cultivated as a phony witness and then covered up a rape for after they got him drunk and he brought a woman back to his ” FBI bought” hotel room and raped her. Richard Moves camp is a Spiritual leader from Wanblee that I met once. My apologies to him. Perhaps Woods fantasizes sometimes that he was at the table ” having beers,” with Price, Williams and Moves Camp and that he was in on it?

    • Didn’t escape my notice, but was holding it in reserve for
      the inevitable tap dance I suspected would be forthcoming.
      Kind of like the blog “my bad” where I admitted a mistake and
      you so graciously offered a partial commendation that I had
      done so – in turn I offer the same to you.

  5. So basically all this rhetoric comes down to who lied on the stand, Price or Trudell? My gut feelings tell me that Price was the one that lied on the stand. I do believe that he threatened her in the interrogation room and that he( or other agents) had a hand in her death. What do you believe? Did he threaten her or not? Were the FBI involved in her death or not?

    • Still dancing around questions huh – guess like that old dog you
      can’t learn new tricks, or maybe so obedient you’re “afraid” to.
      Don’t think that readers aren’t aware of it, you need to give them
      more credit than that judging by the amount of related emails and
      “private” comments I receive.
      “all this rhetoric” – how many years and how much mileage have you an
      AIM attempted to make off of it?
      I would take Annie’s word over Price’s, since we apparently agree on
      that will you also take Annie’s word that Peltier stuck a gun in
      her mouth when he interrogated her? Do you deny that he did interrogate
      Peltier did for years until it became untenable and then switched to
      yes he did but in a brotherly sort of way.
      Were the feds involved in her murder? I don’t believe so, and I wouldn’t
      take your or AIM’s word about that.
      If it could be demonstrated that they did I’d be all over them in a
      heartbeat – but even Annie’s daughters and family aren’t buying into that.
      It’s been clearly demonstrated that AIM is responsible, as the champion of
      people you purport to be why aren’t you?
      Which version of Camp’s about Ray Robinson would you take? Or do you
      believe as I do that he told so many he has zero credibility?

      Being boxing fans as an aside whose your pick between Glovkin and

  6. I’m honestly not familiar with that bout or those fighters. I don’t follow much of the modern boxers. I prefer the old classics:

    and it was recently the anniversary of the ” Thrilla in Manilla.”

    • This is a fight that promises to become a classic, neither
      fighter backs up, both heavy punchers, and both seriously
      hurt people going to the body.
      The “Thrilla” was one of the greatest fights in history,
      seen the video more than once and probably will a few
      more times.

  7. Interesting to watch rezinate, you have dismantled every defense your
    opponent mounted and checkmate. Brilliant.

    • Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that – I had an advantage
      in going with something other than AIM lies and propaganda.
      That will always make a difference.

  8. I still don’t agree with you on Annie Mae based on what Barry says here. Even if Theda wasn’t the “pig” I believe that someone was. Again, I’d like to see the paper trail that leads back to the handlers. Which FBI men were involved? That’s what I want to know. But to dismiss any FBI involvement at all to me is naive.

    I firmly believe theda was the pig based on what I knew. And it makes perfect sense. nothing done until she has Dementia in or abou 2003 and is put in nursing home. she is never indicted. she is never indicted even though 2 different judges rule her competent in 2010. I have asked for FOIA docs on her from every conceivable field office, and DC. Nada, Nothing, No Docs. No way that can be true. I just haven’t had time to follow up. It explains why the feds have always had to stay away from this case or it would turn into what happened in boston with the irish mob and the fbi. I will get back on trying to prove this but I need time. I don’t know what paul thinks, don’t know if I ever discussed it with him. everyone else blows me off and looks at me funny. Of course I am a funny looking guy.

    Barry Bachrach, Esquire

    SH: I’ve spoken directly with her family, but they refused, through one of Anna Mae’s daughters, to be interviewed for the book. They told me that the only way they would consent to be interviewed would be if they got to vet what I wrote. I told them that no self-respecting reporter would agree to that (though some unscrupulous ones would). Would you read a book about the War in Iraq that had been vetted by the Bush Administration? Or for that matter, that had been vetted by the other side? The family also told me that they wouldn’t agree to be interviewed for any project that assigned any blame whatsoever, even partial, for Aquash’s death to the FBI. The family told me, as they’ve said often in public, that Anna Mae’s death had nothing to do with a political struggle between the FBI and AIM. It was a simple crime with no political overtones. To put it mildly, that’s not a theory I subscribe to.See More

    • “Of course I am a funny looking guy.”
      I’ve always appreciated Bachrachs self deprecating humor, especially in view
      of he’s an “esquire”. I also believe he’s a well intended person with some
      valid opinions.
      Of note to me is that Bachrach apparently had his fill of the Peltier good ship
      lollipop and moved on in the direction of the Annie Mae camp. If you also recall
      in the LPDOC inner sanctum emails I posted he had a few things to say about the
      listing ship and Peltier – something about when reality set in the pedestal Peltier
      has ensconced himself upon would crumble – not verbatim but close, I could post
      the archive if necessary.
      Theda very well could have been an informant, as viable a candidate as several
      others – but I also believe if she were Russell Means would have known since he
      was outed as “assisting law enforcement” and Theda was a relative.
      I can’t speak for Bachrach but I don’t believe for a nano second he believes
      Theda was the only informant, if she in fact was.
      There’s a notable convenience factor in attempting to separate the weak,
      sick, or aged from the herd – predators are noted for this, and has been
      a hallmark of AIM from intimidating families related to the safety of their
      children to isolating and murdering individuals as they did with Annie and Ray.
      That isn’t to say it is Bachrach’s intent, only AIM’s.
      We’ve been over Hendrick’s statement before and my position hasn’t changed.
      In view of all that was going on it doesn’t strike me as egregious that
      either Annie’s family wanted some form of approval, or ultimately that
      Hendrick’s refused – but you also fail to mention that Dennis Bank$ wanted
      the same and likewise made himself unavailable when he didn’t get his way.
      So if a difference exists can you explain it to me?
      Since the feds didn’t kill Annie why should Annie’s family sanction anything
      purporting they did?
      Both Annie’s family and DeMain have had more than a few not so complimentary
      things to say about the way the feds have gone about all this, DeMain
      has said the time to address those things are when our backyards have been
      tended and the tare removed – I agree with that, but something you’ve never
      mentioned opting instead to characterize DeMain as a sellout and Annie’s family
      as unwitting dupes at best.
      You’ve raised the issue of the younger Trimbach demanding the same “honorarium”
      as Ward Churchill for an appearance and yet never taken Churchill to task. On
      the other hand I’ve said I don’t believe anyone is worth ten grand to listen to,
      and that includes Trimbach and Churchill.
      You’ve likewise never raised a single question or expressed any personal issue
      with the “appearance fees” Bank$ or the other clowns charge – forty five hundred
      for Bank$ to show up and speak at a fundraising benefit for a blind man, Vern Traversie,
      who had just underwent open heart surgery.
      Who do you think had a greater need, the thief Bank$ or Traversie? And be careful now, how
      much do you think was raised at the end of the “fundraiser” and how much went to Traversie?
      What percentage do you think went to the “organizers”?
      You’ve asked in the past if I believe the elder Trimbach lied under oath related to
      wiretaps at wk2 and if so should he be held accountable?
      I’ve said any and all with any complicity, that includes lying under oath, should
      be held to account, yet you won’t go there. If it can be demonstrated that both Trimbach
      and Price lied then no privilege should be granted.
      But just as a matter of curiosity do you have an opinion why Bank$, Ellison, and several
      others all rush to embrace the Fifth when questioned? The Fifth, you know that thing about
      self incrimination?
      Whether or not political overtones existed in the murder of Annie or for that matter any
      of AIM’s victims is secondary, the offense is murder, not political machinations. And
      murder by any other name remains murder.

      “I still don’t agree with you on Annie Mae based on what Barry says here.”

      A little clarification – are you saying you’re willing to accept
      Annie’s word related to Price but not when it comes to Peltier?
      If so it sounds like another attempt to have it both ways – she’s
      to believed when it comes to the feds but not when it has anything
      to do with AIM/Peltier?

  9. Of further interest to me is who organized the Traversie rally? On the “official”
    poster Chase Iron Eyes of the AIM satellite site Last Real Indians is credited.
    Apparently CIE felt an invitation should be extended to Russell Means as well.
    Means opted out and that’s always seemed out of character for a man who
    would show up at the grand opening of a telephone booth if he felt there
    was a buck to be made or attention to garner.
    Maybe Means knew or suspected there would be too many hands in the
    pot and not worth his time being the great “statesman” he was.
    Maybe Bank$ suggested in lieu of low fund expectations that Means sit this
    one out and he could have the next one.Whatever the scenario was it was a
    typical AIM event, lot of blubbering about Peltier, the obligatory children
    holding signs to free poor Leonard, and in the end grab the money and run.
    Yeah, heroes, warriors, and liberators.
    I don’t know the exact figures but heard something in the neighborhood of fifteen
    grand ( I’ll make an effort to find out for a certainty if the trail hasn’t been
    I’m inclined to view in relation to the number of people attending fifteen k
    may be an exaggeration – but then there’s always those AIM internet
    supplications they’re so noted for and it could in fact be an accurate
    Whatever it was appearance and organizational fees would have come
    off the top, and we may never know what they amounted to and how much actually
    went to Traversie.


  10. True to course sb – you asked specific questions,
    I answered them and in turn asked specific questions
    that neither you nor AIM can answering without blowing
    your bag of tricks and then you skipped out.
    Now you want to post “off topic” – not going to
    happen. Save the spam for the next sandwich
    you make.

  11. As I said before, One man’s spam is another man’s treasure trove. I guess I’ll have to change my name to “Woods,” to get the ” off topic,” privilege and promotion. As I’ve also stated before, post the 9 missing posts and I’ll give you an answer. Look above. Do either Ali or Frazier have one of their arms tied behind their backs?

    • Include answers to questions asked in your previous spam and
      they’ll be posted – hate to be the one to tell you but you
      ain’t Ali or Frazier.
      Look above, do you see them doing anything other than being
      honest and forthright in the effort they gave? A willingness to
      confront what was staring them in the face?
      Face it sb, what with your verbal stumbling around and avoidance
      you’re becoming as big a defense nightmare as Peltier is.

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