19 comments on “GOOFIER REDUX

  1. If a person lived to be seventy years old during that
    period of time they would have alternately grown younger
    by seventy hours and aged by seventy hours to ultimately
    wind up back where they began – who says time travel
    isn’t possible?
    It’s the same with time zones – go in one direction and you
    get younger, in another and you age. The only problem being
    no comparable occurrence exists in the physical body and
    it works out to be illusionary.
    There are all manner of crafted formulas extolling the
    virtues of daylight savings time and time zones, and I suppose
    in what is referred to as modern society they can be validated,
    but these things are a peculiar construct of this planet and it’s
    inhabitants, not so much as a single object within our solar
    system, galaxy, or the universe makes the same observations
    or moves forward and backwards.

    “Wouldn’t surprise me if sometime in the relatively near future money becomes a thing of the past – you know, the convenience and time saving of swiping a card or that autopay thing?”

    Criminals and hackers love this idea – but hey, think of the convenience
    factor, all the time you’ll save.

  2. I hope the day never comes that cash is no longer used. I think it will happen, when we go to pay some bills, they refuse cash. Our car insurance company will not accept it. I can’t believe people would put their faith in a digital/computer system. Like you said, hackers will love it, data can be rigged, changed, even lost! What about the ever increasing power outages?

    How I wish we really owned our land and could live off of it without have to work as much as we do. It is a slave mentality that is used to keep us doing it. A shame. I’d rather work hard at home then anywhere else. I think we went backwards, not forward, as time goes on. Quality of life and the family unit has been changed for the worse. The only people that think it is better are people who judge a good life on material assets. I could care less.

    I never use credit. I don’t believe in it. If I can’t afford it, I do without. Living beyond my means would just add stress to my life. Great post.

    • And great points you make – both surprised and then not surprised
      to hear you’ve had cash refused.
      If this becomes the way of it hopefully it will lead a majority
      to find a way to go off the grid as much as they can.
      May be a while at least in this country before cash is refused
      as greed is the compelling force and green spends much the same
      as plastic does. But inevitable at some point, it’s a matter of
      incremental conditioning.
      Hardly a week goes by where it isn’t reported a site has been
      hacked and literally tens of thousands of social security numbers
      bank accounts, and the like have been compromised.
      Doesn’t matter how “secure” a site is there are always those
      who can find a way to break in.
      You would think government sites are so heavily fortified as
      to be impenetrable, yet China routinely hacks them ….. so
      how confidence inspiring is that when it comes to personal
      Power outages cripple people, especially if they have longevity,
      and should be a wakeup call – keep a little cash on hand, try to
      stock the pantry if they can, rely on themselves rather than
      depending on something they have no control over.
      I agree that we’ve gone backwards, doesn’t matter about all the
      bling or techno advances.
      The allure of credit, and increasingly by design the need for it
      has assigned a number to each little different than those in
      prison who also have an assigned number.
      As I often say – keep punchin’, you may not be able to make a
      difference in the lives of others but you can in your own.
      Ultimately that is where it all begins, people taking control of
      their life and in doing so providing an example.

      • I do believe a ripple can turn into a wave. I hope our tiny ripple sets a few in motion. We lose electricity more often and see stores shut down because they don’t have any of the old style registers. Nothing works. At least we will be eating. We have been working on a portable solar unit to use in case of a power outage. If it is hooked up to the grid, it may get depleted and not be able to power up.

      • That’s something I’ve thought about before, mechanical vs automated cash
        registers,seen cashiers forced to resort to a pencil and paper.
        Since modern registers even compute change owed I’ve seen cashiers struggle
        to calculate the correct amount. Too much dependency.
        Of course you can’t swipe a credit card on an old system so I guess there is
        a plus and minus to both.
        Everyone generates ripples either knowingly or unknowingly, the best we can do
        is try to be aware.
        Very real advantages if you convert to solar even if it only meets part of
        needs – look of information on the net related to construction.
        A few years ago I came in possession of a series of books titled Foxfire,
        there’s seven or eight in the series I believe though I only have three or
        four – if you aren’t familiar with them it would be worth it if you have a
        chance to check them out.
        Lot of good alternative information – published I think by the magazine
        Mother Earth News.

      • I just heard about the Foxfire series last week from another blogger I read. Mother Earth News is a great site, every publication they have ever had is there for the reading.

      • People have told me they were very popular in 70’s and experiencing
        a resurgence – I keep an eye out for the ones I don’t have and figure
        sooner or later I’ll run across them.

      • A better approach than playing the lottery for
        years with “lucky numbers” as people I know
        and mentioned have and yet to win a thing.

      • Imagine adding up the money some people spend on them a year? Then imagine what useful item they could have bought instead. It’s like throwing money down the drain.
        We have bought them and went to the casino nearby when it first opened because we had never been to one. But the novelty wore off. We work too hard for it to toss it away.

      • Well, there’s an entertainment value to it I suppose
        as long as a person doesn’t go overboard – nothing
        wrong with checking out a casino either, and since the
        odds favor the house it easily amounts to tossing money
        Tried any HDR yet?

      • Not yet, my husband wants to try it too. Now that we have most of the garden harvest dealt with, we can do all the things we’ve had to put off. I hope we can take pictures like yours, I just love the look of them!

      • Got your harvest in and set for winter, sounds good.
        You’ll get the hang of HDR quickly and I’m sure you’ll
        both do well. I always tell people no one can take the
        photos they do, and if you think about that’s true.
        If you post any on your site I’d appreciate if you
        let me know.

    • Good for you shard, once burnt twice shy. I’ve advocated for a national
      credit card payment moratorium – a single month would bring them to the
      table – of course some examples would be made and that’s the reason why
      it won’t ever occur short of an economic collapse.
      I had someone call me a communist for advocating for such, must have been
      one of those flag wavers living in a van down by the river who inspite of
      their own difficulties can’t see the forest for the trees.
      They said it was sedition – I thought it was an exercise in free speech and
      pointing out the obvious, different strokes.
      Corporations aren’t the government, at least they haven’t admitted it yet.
      Nor is it currently a crime to miss a credit card payment – though I’m sure
      that’s in the offing and ways actually do exist to make it one via “court”
      judgements if a person either can’t or won’t pay following such a “judgement”.

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