5 comments on “THE NATIONAL DEBT

    • A bibical verse sprang to mind, something I had heard long
      ago about vanity.
      Had to look it up, and though I have no interest in turning
      this blog into a bible study there is an inherent poetry and
      truth in the excerpt below.
      I don’t believe it would be much of stretch to exchange the
      word vanity with insanity to describe the current world course.

      “All things are full of weariness a man cannot utter it;
      the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled
      with hearing.”

      Weariness, even the land itself has become weary. How much
      more those who inhabit it?

      • We face an evil and powerful force that is even now being defeated by REALITY:

        1. Humans were endowed by their “Creator” with certain inalienable rights (“Declaration of Independence” from the UK, Thomas Jefferson, 1776)

        2. Chemical atoms were endowed by the “Conscious and intelligent Mind” that guided the force holding spinning electrons and protons together with inalienable volumes and vibrations (“The Essence of Matter,” Max Planck, 1944), and

        3. “A nearby pulsar” (most likely in the core of the Sun) endowed Earth’s biological molecules with intrinsic homochirality (“Birthday greeting from a former student,” JT Lee, 14 Oct 2015)!

        All is well,

      • The essential element for which there exists no substitute
        is acceptance of the reality(s) – without that little changes
        in the course or results of human endeavor.
        If we get struck by a planet devastating asteroid there isn’t
        much we can do about that, or a direct hit of a large gamma
        We do however have the ability to change the course of nations
        and government as difficult a task as that may be.
        Such a change requires a revolution of thought and values,
        incremental steps are currently being taken in that direction,
        but resistance is entrenched and holds the vast majority
        of cards while having the ability to at will change the
        rules of the game.
        It is said you cannot destroy a idea, if so the more who
        hold the idea that change amounts to a matter of survival
        the odds of achieving meaningful change are enhanced.
        The onus falls to people to forget the rhetoric, do the
        math, and educate themselves as to what the reality
        actually is.
        Sticking one’s head in the sand has never worked, nor
        has the consent of silence.

  1. I asked the question above if the government issues IOUs to Social Security and if so have they ever honored any of them?
    Looking around a little I ran across this along with others attempting the it’s all good and secure line.
    Apparently after decades of this borrowing it remains to be repaid “down the line”.
    So how far down the line are we talking about, and how secure is an IOU issued and held by the government?
    If you “borrow” anything from anyone don’t you have to ask permission, arrive at an agreement? If you fail to and just take it you’re going to be charged with theft, embezzlement or some other crime.
    Is it possible to enact legislation to extend down the line further down the line? I imagine if it is seen as being advantageous such legislation would come into existence.
    Continually raising the debt ceiling doesn’t address the issue, all it accomplishes is to increase debt to pay existing bills – kind of like paying the minimum on a credit card, you can never get ahead.
    There are more than a few politicians and former politicians who will insist government isn’t the problem, yet if Social Security is endangered or incapable of providing cost of living increases that strikes me as a problem created by government and their “borrowing”.
    According to figures published by the Congressional Research Service as quoted in a 1-1-15 article by Time magazine the amount owed is 1.6 trillion dollars.
    But if you factor in all related costs the figure swells to four to six trillion. two questions arise from this – as conflict spreads throughout the Middle East and Russia has begun inserting itself what exactly has been accomplished?
    Secondly how could this country have benefited if that money had been directed to address issues within it’s own boundaries?
    Fourteen years in Afghanistan and no end in sight, does anyone seriously believe an end is in site, not just in Afghanistan and Iraq but throughout the entire region?



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