2 comments on “DxO ONE

  1. Just had a good laugh, was looking on ebay and see there are
    actually sellers attempting to sell this for more than you can
    purchase it for from the company or camera stores.
    Not uncommon on ebay though.

  2. I understand that even while in production and release attachments are in
    development – one that will allow the addition of other lenses. You can’t
    remove the embedded 32mm lens that has threads for an adapter.
    I assume whatever additional lenses are to be released will have to
    be very small to avoid completely unhinging whatever balance presently
    I don’t like the idea of stacking lenses, which is what this is about – adapters
    exist to attach one brand of lens to another camera, and they work well – some
    feature an additional piece of “optical glass”.
    By and large unless you want to pay what an adapter with good quality
    glass costs they are junk and why I never use such an adapter.
    All of this has the appearance to me of knowing the inherent flaws of
    the DxOONE and pre emptively creating “remedies” to address them
    assuming once a person has made the initial investment they’ll feel
    compelled to invest more …… just sayin’.

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