15 comments on “BENGHAZI

    • Truth of the matter when it comes to politics in this country
      not much looks good.
      Potential candidates who could actually do some good are squeezed
      out by super pacs and the media – a good point in case is what’s
      going on and has gone on in Wisconsin driven by the infamous Koch
      brothers and the influence their wealth wields.
      Saw where Trudeau won in Canada, the meme is he will be taking the
      country in a new direction – don’t know much about him but like the
      idea he has told Obama Canada will withdraw it’s contingent of fighter
      planes from active participation in Mideast conflict.
      I think U.S. administrations have had the tendency to believe they
      can exert a lot of influence when it comes to Canadian policies and
      those policies as well as sovereignty are somehow secondary to those
      of the U.S.

      • I have read about the Koch Brothers. We have several “last name” families in Canada too. It is true, there are people who get into politics with the idea they can do good. Then realize they must toe the line. We knew a guy who quit because of it. There was no way he could make chances. It’s too bad.
        I don’t know what to expect with our new PM. He’s hard to read and doesn’t have a lot to look back on.
        I guess we just wait and see.
        For the first time, I did not have someone I felt good about. I did like Jack Layton as a person and always hoped he would get his chance, but he died of cancer. I didn’t agree with everything.The cap and trade, in my opinion, does not solve any problem, throwing money at something does nothing for the environment. I wonder how they get people to jump on board with some of the things they make us pay for? Why not tackle the real problem?

      • The owner/editor of Indian Country Today, Paul DeMain, ran for a state
        senate seat in Wisconsin in their last election – his opponent was
        Koch owned and Paul got heavily out spent and lost. Never really
        had a chance.
        There isn’t enough money to address the issues if people aren’t
        willing to do their part – there have been a record number of
        storms in the Pacific this year, for the last couple of years in
        Hurricane Patricia is the largest on record anywhere and impacting
        Mexico now, Glaciers are melting at increasing rate and yet deniers
        still exist.
        Governments draw up agreements to reduce emissions over a span of
        twenty years or more as if that is actually going accomplish
        something when a rigorous response is needed now.
        In the forefront of these half measures are corporations motivated
        singularly by profit.

      • We should start crowdfunding the people we like. Maybe give them a fighting chance.
        The only way we will get any action is if some company can make more money fixing the real problem, rather than better ways to hide it.

      • That’s a good suggestion, I and others I know donated what
        we could.
        The real solution is campaign reform but neither side actually
        wants to go there.
        I’ve always felt the media should be required to provide equal
        access as a public service rather than charging for it and elections
        should be publicly funded rather than corporate.
        Maybe a five dollar deduction or fee attached to income tax
        returns or payments dedicated to that end.
        That would effectively remove super pacs from the equation
        and go a long way towards leveling the field.
        I also feel that the “campaign” season should be shortened
        including announcing candidacy – something along the lines
        of a year at most.

  1. Here’s something else people should be thinking

    If the feds come back and say their investigation doesn’t
    warrant an indictment then that should put an end to it,
    if on the other hand they seek an indictment based on
    what they’ve discovered how will Loretta Lynch and the
    DOJ respond?
    I’ve asked this previously and something I believe will
    define this administration from an historical perspective.
    A lot of people believe Bush and Cheney should have been
    indicted on a variety of charges, myself included, but that
    isn’t the way the system works.
    Early on in his presidency inspite of all the trash talk
    Obama opted out of any attempt to hold Bush/Cheney responsible.
    He did so by couching it in terms of moving on, some sort of healing
    process – yet the truth is had he of it would have opened the
    door for any future president to be held criminally responsible
    for their actions, and there’s no way Obama or any president will
    ever go there.

    Obama may have inadverdently tipped his hand in a recent interview
    with Steve Croft I believe it was in saying his personal opinion
    is that Clinton made a mistake.
    To begin with Obama as a sitting president with the influence
    associated with that position has no right to comment in the midst
    of an ongoing investigation – he or any president has sufficient
    numbers of associates and dyed in the wool internet shills, spin
    doctors, and talking heads at their disposal to make such pronouncements.
    When called on this Obama did what all a politicians do …. he
    apologized. But isn’t that the same as a judge asking a jury to
    forget something they’ve already heard?
    The cult of Obama or any president/politician are eager to
    accept such a presidential opinion and pay it forward – there
    is a manipulative element to it, a known and thoroughly understood
    one that is at the very core of politics as usual and routinely employed.
    Does a president have a right to their opinion? They surely do, but
    they also have an obligation to abstain from any utterance that
    could affect an ongoing investigation.
    Was this a big deal? Maybe, maybe not, and undoubtedly will break down
    along the usual partisan lines.
    Whether it was or not will be determined if and when an indictment is sought.

  2. Clinton is almost certainly the most investigated human being on mother earth. And for all the rumours and belief that somehow there is yet some evil we have not discovered, there is fundamentally this: nothing. Nothing at all. By most reasonable standards. Tens of millions, and perhaps in the end a billion or more dollars will be used to force people to believe something else. About one woman. It is inevitable that her enemies will get some stink to remain on her forever. The GOP lives in actual fear of HRC. The old timers, the Grandfathers, have been saying for a generation now that Women should be given more and more influence/power/authority. HRC is clearly the best and I hope inevitable next US President even though, like all human beings, she is not perfect. I watched the “hearings” the other day. I thought she handed them all their nuts on a sterling platter. The strangest problem America has now seems to me the hysterical and vile “groupthink”, mindset, unity of the bat shit crazy Right. The right is densely populated with absolute idealogical morons who get elected by what seems a Zombie electorate. Apparently.

    • I think it a reasonable to call a person a liar or of dubious credibility
      when they say things like they landed in Kosovo under gunfire and then when
      confronted attempt to walk it back with the classic politicians newspeak of
      they “misspoke”
      I have advocated for an independent commission rather than the predictable
      circus of a “bipartisan” committee.
      At least three questions remain unresolved to my way of thinking,
      they are:

      The Ambassadors security contingent was reduced over time from 38 to 9,
      why and how is it possible Clinton would be unaware of that?

      Why was the Benghazi attack immediately portrayed by Clinton
      and the White House as the result of a video, some sort of
      spontaneous reaction when in private communications with family
      and Egyptian officials she characterized it as a terrorist attack
      by an Al Qaeda like group?

      There were something in the neighborhood of 600 communications
      from the Ambassador and or staff addressing the lack of security
      and requesting more.
      How is it possible Clinton would have been unaware of those, and why
      wasn’t something done?

      I find it more than a little interesting that Clinton perceived
      events in the Middle East, such as Iraq as being a business
      opportunity and felt compelled to advise her corporate friends
      of such.
      A “business opportunity” generated by what – the blood of
      untold thousands? The word that comes to mind is callous.
      I also find it interesting that in the midst of portraying
      herself as a women’s rights champion the Clinton Foundation
      loves that Saudi money and has been instrumental in assisting
      their interests.
      These things go beyond mere human imperfections they go directly
      to character or the lack of it.
      The biggest problem America faces is the “bat shit crazy”
      myopia of party first.
      When you have a few moments look into the Clinton Foundation
      and think about whether or not a corporate owned politician
      is actually the best candidate.
      This country doesn’t need corporate owned politicians, it
      doesn’t need business as usual – it needs a new direction,
      neither Clinton nor a single one of the Rep candidates offer
      that despite whatever campaign rhetoric they engage in to win
      an election.
      It doesn’t need a politician who ignores the devastating
      effects of the repeal of Glass/Steagall ala Clinton saying
      they see no need for it to be re enacted – if that doesn’t qualify
      as corporate cronyism then nothing does.
      I’ve said if Clinton is clean well and good, but also don’t
      believe such a determination either way will come from the current committee.
      If Clinton is the “best” the DNC has to offer then they’re in
      as much trouble as the RNC, and like the RNC apparently don’t give
      a damn.
      Something else I might point out related to grandfathers is they
      advocate for equity, integrity, trustworthiness, and above all
      the common welfare – in doing so I don’t believe they offer a pass
      based on gender, position, or sense of entitlement.


  3. this is also a smoke screen for the current push to re-establish uranium mining in the Black Hills (Pe`Sla eh?) region AND Clinton’s Transfer of Half of U.S. Uranium Output to Russia while Iran is suppose to be transporting their nuclear stockpile to Russia as per the agreements for them to develop a play dough tinker toy under the pretense of medical research

    • As you’ve probably come to know by now I am a fan of George Orwell
      and believe as he did that in today’s world all issues are political
      issues – layer upon layer of subtle nuances and not so subtle nuances.
      Inspite of the Iranian accord Iran remains in your face defiant sending
      weapons and troops to Syria, “test” launching missiles, and already
      refusing access to certain sites to be inspected.
      But, there is a political agenda in place and so accommodations are
      and will be made.
      Better to be on good terms with all nations, but sometimes that isn’t
      possible and wisdom is to know the difference.
      If transferring chemicals that can be or have been weaponized, or any
      nuclear stockpile to Russia is seen as a good move then a profound
      ignorance is at play.
      I believe that strength is conducive to peace – with China’s antics
      related to Japan and Viet Nam, Putin’s sudden resurgence and takeover
      in Syria as well as events in the Ukraine a clear message is being sent
      that this administration lacks credibility.
      A lack of credibility in this day and age is an invitation for trouble.
      On the other hand force shouldn’t always be the first option, if conservatives
      had their way we would currently be actively engaged in seven different
      conflicts/wars – a recipe for disaster for any nation.
      Clinton didn’t actually transfer half of U.S Uranium holdings to Russia,
      in her capacity as Secretary of State she was among those in the decision
      making process that allowed a Russian company by the name of Rostom(?) to
      acquire a twenty percent share of Uranium mining interests in the U.S..
      What is of interest in the midst of this is the Clinton Foundations
      associations with the movers and shakers of the deal and the timing of Bill’s
      speaking engagement to the tune of 500k in Russia – in addition to that
      the large “donations” that have been recieved by the foundation coming from
      those who had something gain.
      The bottom line is Russia should have zero access to any materials in this
      country that can used for weapons.

      • merci for the correction – “Clinton didn’t actually transfer half of U.S Uranium holdings to Russia” and Yep , “Better to be on good terms with all nations, but sometimes that isn’t
        possible and wisdom is to know the difference.” …. “A lack of credibility in this day and age is an invitation for trouble.” …. Stand Strong …. Joan Armatrading – In These Times – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgJLS8y-nnc

  4. I was asked in a private comment related to the blog Benghazi what exactly
    are my political affiliations, and this is meant as a response in case others
    may be wondering.
    I am not a communist inspite of being accused by a few flag waving patriots
    of being one. Nor do I claim any political affiliations.
    I’m not a “hater” of America if the definition of that is to be exercising the right
    and duty of any living under any flag to speak out in the face of glaring inequities,
    nor will I bow my head and give the consent of silence and have zero concern
    over who likes it or doesn’t like it.
    I’ve been called a fed and a sellout due to that fact that I’m willing to address
    indigenous issues others might tend to avoid or attempt to minimize – I am
    neither, and it suffices to consider the source.
    I will not offer the consent of silence in any issues related to the nations.

    Perhaps above all I do not believe I have to suck up to AIM or buy into the Peltier myth to prove my “Indianess”.

    I enjoy the freedom of not being a member of any political party – there’s an
    independence in it that allows for speaking one’s mind without looking over
    their shoulder to see if a fellow club member is listening or taking notes as though
    they belong to the “church” of Scientology.
    I’m not concerned about being labeled left, right, red, blue, or any other media driven construct.
    I can point out what I consider to be the obvious absurdity of elected party officials
    kow towing and sucking up to individuals like Grover Norquist, or being fearful they
    will incur the vicious egocentric wrath of Rush Limbaugh whose “reality show” is only
    rivaled by the equally pathetic and inane Kardashian offering.
    These aren’t examples of service, rather servitude.
    Such a lack of non allegiance, or should I say non compliance, also enables me to
    take the Dems to task for their drone like adoration and promotion of the Clinton’s,
    their unwillingness to admit the current administrations bumbling efforts in Syria related
    to the “jv squad” of ISIS, or engaging in “bipartisan” committees with the intent of
    running interference.
    I’d say that translates in a very real sense to being an “Independent” – I won’t buy
    into either parties bs but willing to give credit where credit is due, not as a hollow and
    vacuous obligation.
    I can condemn in equal measure the influence of the Koch brothers and George Soros,
    the way both parties sell out to corporations putting on the Cheshire cat grin for the public.
    I favor what the entrenched would refer to as radical reforms and believe beyond a shadow
    of a doubt the so called two party system is failing miserably while advocating for at least
    three or four viable parties that would truly offer a tangible choice.
    If anyone finds it personally convenient to assign me to their niche of choice in lieu of confronting obvious issues then have it at as ultimately it changes nothing.

  5. The below copy/paste pretty much summarizes the Benghazi
    hearings thus far – here you have a conservative speaking
    the truth and equally lambasting everyone – too bad others
    including those among the opposing party aren’t willing to
    do the same.
    This coincides with my remarks that if hearings are going
    to be conducted they should be in the form of an independent
    commission – wouldn’t have the same theatrical value but then
    theater shouldn’t be what it’s all about.
    Those opposed to such an independent commission undoubtedly
    understand the value of a bipartisan committee for the very
    reasons Erickson enumerates.
    I wouldn’t break out the party favors just yet on either side
    as there remains the fbi investigation into Clinton’s emails
    and server.
    If they come back seeking an indictment then there won’t be
    cause to celebrate in the Clinton camp, if they don’t there
    won’t be any in the conservative camp.
    Either way whichever side doesn’t gain traction will begin
    the wailing and moaning process of they’ve been bamboozled.
    That too a part of the theatrics.

    Prominent conservative Erick Erickson, the editor in chief of RedState,
    called the hearings a “waste of time.”

    “The hearings are a waste of time because everything about it is
    politicized and nothing is going to happen,” he wrote. “Most of the
    rest of the committee just wants to grandstand for the folks back home
    as either prosecutors of or defenders of Hillary Clinton.”

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