6 comments on “BENGHAZI 2

  1. I quite literally stumbled upon your blog about a year ago and have been fascinated
    by much of what you’ve blogged.
    You have a unique and thought provoking perspective that makes for interesting and
    informative reading.
    I may not agree with every opinion you offer but am drawn in by them and at times
    compelled to examine my own opinions.
    Have you ever considered beginning a pod cast?
    Thank you so much for the always interesting read.

    • And thank you for the comment and reading the blog.
      As difficult as it may be for some to believe I have been invited to
      participate in podcasts though I haven’t, and I don’t have much
      interest in creating one of my own.
      I don’t expect everyone to agree with positions I take and consider my
      perspective to be a derivative of personal experience and common sense.
      Experiences can share a commonality among people and the same or
      a similar approach may be taken, or something entirely different which
      lends itself to diversity.
      Both shared opinions and diversity can lead to recognizable results,
      though no guarantee exists that they will, but diversity is a good thing.
      The only advice I would offer is for people to do the math and in doing
      so arrive at a reasoned conclusion based upon that.

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