6 comments on “AND SO I SAY AS I ALWAYS HAVE

    • In view of both the U.S. history of intervention amd
      policy pushing in Latin America this shouldn’t come as
      a surprise to anyone – nor should the fact that any
      who begin monitoring the government will go on a list
      and in turn find themselves monitored.
      Not the way it should be but the reality nonetheless.
      “Laws” are routinely either violated or new ones cobbled
      together to decriminalize criminal activities – that too
      shouldn’t come as surprise but should lead to the electorate
      pushing back and demanding accountability.
      Secret courts and unconstitutional laws are the vehicles
      of choice to facilitate such things and are Kafkesque by
      their very nature – yet they exist and people continue
      to vote for those who perpetuate them based singularly on party
      A classic example is Noriega of Panama, once the U.S.’s boy
      now dethroned and imprisoned. Should he of been? I’d say so
      but also those who propped him up and by his own people, not
      as a result of U.S. vested interests.
      That was tried in Iran and look what it has led to.
      Is there something I can do in Latin American countries? Not much
      if anything, but it’s a different story where I live, a different
      story in the collective backyards of the nations and why I have
      and will continue to address those issues and the crimes committed
      by AIM and any with any measure of complicity.
      You ought to try it sometime, could lend a little credibility
      to the positions you take.
      The below excerpt speaks to the first link below and the ad hoc “new
      legal regime” of the Obama administration – a form of “preventive
      detention” in it’s own right.
      This isn’t the way a “democracy” conducts itself, if it does then it
      is no longer a democracy.

      In 2005, FBI reports admitted “the peaceful intentions” of the SOA Watch
      leaders but justified its work on the basis that “a militant group would
      infiltrate the protestors and use of the cover of the crowd to create
      problems.” Yet they admitted that “At this time, there are no specific or
      known threats to this event.”

      “The vague, unspecified threat of future violence functioned as the annual
      excuse for the surveillance of peaceful dissent. Under this logic of
      counter-terrorism law enforcement activity, all constitutionally protected
      peaceful protest carries the seed of potential terrorism — we are all
      potential terrorists.”



  1. I wonder if you have an “opinion,” on this? Do you think that Mr.Ed and his former agent buddies were in the right by bullying that state building in Olympia, WA into removing Peltier’s paintings or did they violate his constitutional rights and break the law? Be careful how you respond. It might significantly alter your “like” quotient:

    • Having once supported Peltier I understand the mechanics
      of the game, how it is played with the omissions, revisions,
      selective excerpts, and outright lies.
      That being the case and not really familiar with this alleged
      violation I’ll do a little research before offering an opinion
      rather than rely on a single thing emanating the Peltier camp.
      Now that the Mr. X tale has been completely exposed as an outright
      lie even by Peltier’s former attorney Kuzma I wonder if you have an
      opinion about that?
      Be careful how you respond it could impact your standing with the shAIM
      gang and even lead to rescinding that “firekeeper” status you claim.

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