• Carson predictably shifted his position, in the debate it was all about who was more conservative than the other and apparently the heat is on.
      On the other side of the aisle Hillary Clinton in seeing how many of the positions Sanders has taken resonates is transparently adopting them – the problem is it is the rare politician who remembers and keeps campaign promises.
      The campaign trail for the vast majority is about telling people what a candidate believes they want to hear.
      One need only look around to realize that the two party system has failed miserably,and why I advocate for three or four credible parties to offer a real choice.
      How has the two party system failed? It has led this country to become a corporatocracy where wealth migrates up and money and influence purchase elections and favorable legislation on both sides of the aisle.
      Thanks for the link – good read.

      • I agree with your analysis of the two-party system. I was originally disappointed when Sanders elected to run as a Democrat rather than as a third party candidate, but looking at past third party candidate attempts, can we really blame him? It looks like the only path to victory for a third party candidate is to sell out.

      • With the mainstream media being corporate owned and generally reflective
        of ownership’s political persuasion they often become an obstacle to
        overcome for third party candidates, factor in the Boss Tweed attitude
        of the RNC, DNC, the Kochs, Soros, and others of their kind and it is
        a given that the candidacy of any third party candidate will be mocked,
        ridiculed, and undermined.
        Increasingly an emphasis is placed on Sanders being a Socialist and
        Socialism equated to Communism completely ignoring the fact that Socialist
        Democratic programs like Meals on Wheels, Medicare, SSI, food stamps, low
        income housing, etal are examples of “socialism” that people routinely
        support and will fight for.
        As the numbers of the middle class decline and the ranks of the poor increase
        I have advocated for a “poor peoples party” – a party whose numbers alone could
        lead to some interesting discussions.
        Such a party would have an uphill struggle related to the money required to
        mount a viable campaign, would have to contend with the media onslaught and
        vested interests while relying largely on a populist appeal to carry the day,
        a true grass roots movement.
        No doubt it would quickly be labelled communist in nature much the same as
        any movement that bucks the system, an example would be the early days of
        Unions, or the United Farm Workers.
        Interesting that the country can provide “socialist” programs like free
        health care and education in other nations and that’s acceptable as nation
        building but to do the same here isn’t.
        But then if the devastation wrought by war or poverty are interpreted as
        business opportunities to advise and assist in taking advantage of as per
        Hillary Clinton’s recommendations to her corporate partners not only is
        the game afoot but obviously so.
        The issue isn’t about Capitalism, it is about obscene profits, the exportation
        of manufacturing, jobs, and the evolution of Capitalism into a vehicle controlled
        and manipulated by corporations, Wall Street, banking, one percenters, and the undue
        influence they exert upon legislation and their political boy or girl toys.
        Government, at least this one, has been characterized as being representative
        of the people – that’s true in this country in that it is the electorate that have
        elected officials and refuse to hold them to account based primarily on the rhetoric
        of partisanship and a myopic allegiance …. this government is truly representative
        in that sense.
        Facts are irrelevant, spin is preferred, and allegiance finds the path of least
        resistance to be ignoring or glossing over troubling realities or that trite cliche
        of voting for the lesser of two evils as though somehow it is enough to apply a
        bandaid to a gaping wound or kicking the can down the road.
        Representative? Yeah, I’d say so, and mores the pity.

      • Thanks JP – I catch some flak for the positions I take but after five
        hundred years of my people being told what to say, where to live, and
        what to do I refuse to abide by such constraints.
        I’m no expert and never claimed to have all the answers and so rely on
        what I believe to be common sense.
        Common sense and a historical perspective are enough to realize that in
        times of economic uncertainty and a global corporate greed hard times
        run downhill – the nations being a small dependent minority will bear the
        brunt of any sort of upheaval as will all minorities and what has become
        a struggling and dwindling middle class in the age of trickle up.
        The facts included in the below link ought to be a wake up call for a society
        that considers itself to be composed of political savants.


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