1. We have wondered if you would speak to this and not surprised for the things
    you have said, you are a good man rezinate and right to say it is not about
    Dennis Banks and AIM.
    Love and respect for you.

  2. My thoughts run the same. Don’t know her but my thoughts & heart are there. At the same time my friend Sheila is missing. She matters! Scumbags of shAIM won’t do a damn thing for her because she is a nobody to them. She has ties to the same people here who claim to be the “original” AIM but these dirty fucks won’t do a damn thing because they see her as someone to be used/abused and forgotten. Nothing but a backdrop like the rest of us for their own promotion!

    Fuck blAIM/shAIM and what they and theirs claim to represent! Real change & revolution is coming to NDN country and beyond! No more!!!

    • A lot to overcome, and indisputable that AIM
      is selective in their approach, yet people still
      wave the rag banner and claim to be last real
      The ’99 Oyate statement said it best – “AIM
      is nothing”.
      Hope it turns out well for your friend Sheila,
      if you care to post a photo of her and details
      here feel free to do so.

  3. Dennis, his side kick daughter Darla, grand daughter are a match of perfection when it comes to giving “pretense compassion” , i live right in the midst of this hornets nest of deception, myth, and lies protected by tin soldiers of AIM. Banks was raised here , and when it comes to compassion, i will say , it is given to those who give, which none of them or their tin soldiers have ever done for the missing women at wk2, Perry Ray, Annie Mae, and so many others …. they can all grovel on into eternity when their time comes for promoting and assisting the sickness that continues to fall out across 1st Nations communities as a result of the sick actions at WK2, the reign of terror across ndn country, it is what it is …. https://jpwade.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/you-are-fooling-with-a-dead-mans-corpse/

    • While not having been raised or living in the midst
      of Leech Lake I’m not unfamiliar with AIM’s antics
      or tactics in the midst of Minneapolis.
      I’ve had a brawl or two with the tin soldiers there,
      elsewhere, and more than willing to go at it again
      should the occasion arise.
      The approach I meant to take in this takes into account
      Downwind has children who are quite capable of reading
      this blog if they happened upon it or someone pointed it
      out to them.
      That in itself isn’t enough to persuade me to forgo
      speaking against AIM or Bank$, but it was never my
      intent in this particular post to offer anything
      other than support for yet another one of our missing

      • what i find most disturbing is people utilizing the plight of missing women along with the media using the plight of a missing woman to serve “their own needs”, added short timeline to blog , **** over a week missing before being reported, finger pointing of abuse by ex-boyfriend starts by Banks and by media towards persons of interest who are are also reported as being very abusive, fundraisers changed from reward to operating cost needs, to need of children, constant media coverage about how loving the mother is without any reporting at all about her criminal record convictions of violent and abusive behavior, 1 month of NL Casino gathering at the bar and hotel stays by search team organizers, 1month passes before 1st formal search by missing persons search team …. Just Saying ….

      • When Misty Upham went missing Bank$ put in an appearance with her family
        and went on about community based indigenous search and rescue teams, an
        idea I support, following the discovery of her body, the determination of
        how she died, and statements by her father Bank$ didn’t have much to say
        and apparently dropped the call for S+R teams.
        That’s classic Bank$ and has defined him and the AIM leadership for decades.
        If it’s a hot button topic they’ll move in, when it isn’t or cools down
        they’re gone.
        Different this time, this time it’s personal, people can make whatever they
        want of that, call it karma, irony, or anything else they choose to, but
        an individuals personal history such as Downwinds doesn’t mitigate a thing in
        any way for me if they have gone missing, been abducted, or worse.
        If a child of her’s was missing then reporting her criminal history would
        undoubtedly be a part of the story – since it isn’t I’m not sure what
        relevance it has in an effort to find her unless there was a drug related
        association as in dealers and gangs.
        Ex boyfriends, spouses, and even family members in such circumstances always
        are given a long hard look, and often enough turn out to be the culprit, the
        investigative attention they receive doesn’t bother me – good or bad it’s
        a part of the process and a dirty laundry seeking media will always titillate
        the public with such things.
        The media? What can a person say other than they are the media? The media
        that sticks a microphone and camera in the face of grieving families and asks
        how do they feel?
        Yet the media can play a role in raising awareness and prodding to take action
        if they have enough integrity to do so.
        Misty Upham’s story is a sad one – Downwinds likewise is becoming sad as
        the story and diviseness unfolds. If abuses related to donations and S+R efforts
        are in fact taking place that is a story in itself and time enough to address it,
        in the interim a woman with children remains missing.
        However this all ends opinions and accusations will be flying back and
        forth – the media didn’t do this or that, the cops didn’t do enough
        or were racially motivated, the family should have done one thing or another,
        and none of this will in anyway accomplish anything more than talk – that’s
        where unity in the face of common cause comes into play.
        Forget the likes and dislikes, the politics, the shoulda, coulda, and woulda.
        It doesn’t require contributions, camera crews, or personalities for communities
        to voluntarily gather together and conduct searches – if communities fail to do
        so then shame on them and save the rhetoric for someone else other than me.
        A question for me is if “Dog” is involved will it become part of the “reality
        series” and if so are expenses such as hotel stays etc being picked up by production?
        As to donations being directed to the care of the children, maybe, maybe not if that’s
        the way of it as long as it is transparent and an accounting can be given.
        Maybe some portion to meet the basic needs, but it seems too that is a role family
        should step up and address which would allow what is donated to go towards increasing
        the size of the existing reward.
        Bank$ isn’t exactly living on foodstamps or standing in the commodities line and if
        he hasn’t already he ought to pony up some of his money toward the reward. Why hasn’t
        AIM Inc. kicked in a few bucks if they haven’t?
        This is devolving into a circus and it shouldn’t. If people want to attend a circus
        let them wait for a real one to come to town.
        Misery always falls victim to serving the needs of the unscrupulous, the truth of the
        matter is if there wasn’t a way or market for that sort of thing it wouldn’t happen.



      • a few updates about the search team, in ref to Dog, every indication shows he has disassociated himself with this missing person issue all together, he announced he would not be coming to MN. to participate in the searches, not a fb follow up on this missing person concern since the 6th, nor on Beth his wife’s fb page which last entry was also on the 6th (whereas both had a pretty good run of posting that coincided with NativeNewsOnline and the local Bemidji Pioneer Newspaper. Initially numerous news media picked up and ran with the story of Dog and Banks, thou since dog’s release he would not be coming to MN the publications carrying and updating “the missing person has dwindled to practically nill. It is obvious Dog had an open ear to the potential avenues for he and his wife and their show being used and abused. AIM inc. Clyde pooped his head into the NL Casino last week, thou from what the local talk is from tribal members sitting back watching, he was not well received at the bar search meetings. Contacted Bemidji Pioneer Newspaper and made the editor aware of his presence in the neighborhood and put in a request to do an interview with him in an upcoming release since that news group was so consistent with promoting Dennis Banks & AIM as a side note in the missing person concerns. I agree 100% this is not an issue of Banks, AIM, etc …. Thou i do keep in focus, Dennis, his buddy Levi Rickertt (NativeNewsOnline) and the local Bemidji Pioneer NewsPaper consistently pushed such foolishness onto the missing person concern with attempts for that AIM limelight focus to migrate across the news media realm AND the backlash for doing so resulted in crash and burn to the attempts to exploit a missing person for “their own” personal gain.

      • It’s interesting that all Clyde, Bank$, or any of them
        feel they have to do is notify a media outlet they
        want to do an interview and they’ll come running, even
        more interesting that some actually will.
        I’ve always berated Democracy Now for the approach they
        take related to Bank$, nothing but softball questions,
        it’s the same with Peltier.
        I couldn’t help but notice in the audio interview with
        Dog he made something of point announcing he is “33%”
        Apache, maybe so, but in earlier interviews/statements
        he has said he was Cherokee – big difference.
        It could be as simple as Dog saw what was going on and
        didn’t want any part of it.
        Irrelevant for the moment as it isn’t about him either.
        I’m not into “reality” programs, in fact I don’t watch
        television, haven’t for years.

  4. in closing on comments of this issue, DWA Weston (Beth Timmions) the spokes person for the missing person campaign, would not blink an eye to put a young woman into the bed of some greasy old bastard for a 1/2 hour swing around as long as Beth gets a cut of the mulah! It is what it is, sickness at it’s finest with this bunch of missing woman campaign grifters ….

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