8 comments on “BEE STORYTELLERS ?

  1. Yes, nice story and info.
    Off topic for a moment…Can you, repost or provide the reference to when and where Ellison ‘took the fifth’ re Anna Mae’s murder? Thanks.

  2. I have a definite and long time interest in bees and what they signify in Berber (Amazigh) rituals and lore. When I researched the origins of Egyptian archaic civilization (pre-pharaonic), I found out that the throne (and ruler) of Egypt was under the protection of the goddess Neith, represented by The Bee, who was said to be the mother of all gods, and whose origin was in North Africa. It was the symbol that Napoleon Bonaparte brought back from Egypt to represent his rule as first emperor of France. Also, the Greeks admitted that the god Aristaios , born and raised in North Africa, was the teacher of all mankind, the inventor of the wine and oil presses, and was the first to domesticate bees and create the all essential beehive . Before him, hunters only knew honey from wild bees…. Today, throughout North Africa, young women in rural weddings are represented as “bees”, and sung about as bees in wedding songs, and there is a very famous and highly respected annual Berber “Dance of the Bees” in M’Gouna, High Atlas of Morocco…. When the French nuns tried to lead groups of Berber girls in Algeria , a century ago or so, they resorted to songs about bees. I was sent an entire manual of those songs referring to the native little girls as “bees” by an Amazigh colleague of Algeria. A very powerful feminine and social symbol, it seems.

    • A wealth of information I was entirely unaware of that will send me searching
      across the net.
      The customs of people have always been of great interest to me – thanks Helene
      and be well.

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