4 comments on “CONNOTATIONS

    • Huge issues to contend with, solutions will result
      from people empowering themselves and demanding that
      government be reflective of the will of and best
      interests of the people rather than corporations
      and one percenters.
      As a people the nations can either be swept along
      in whatever directions are taken and be content
      with voicing an opinion on the internet “town
      hall” or talk the talk and walk the walk beginning
      within our own communities.
      I think a return to traditional values would go
      a long way in facilitating that and could provide
      an example to the nations youth and others.
      As was said in the link related to the American
      Dream – we need to dream our own dreams as it was
      never inclusive of us.
      Climate change for us has been about more than
      the environment – in addition it has been about the
      loss of language, culture, tradition, gangs, alcohol,
      drugs, and the corrupting influence of AIM.

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