8 comments on “MONSANTO – ROUND ONE

  1. ROUND UP round for Monsanto and all who cooperated with them on global scale-governments…
    I adore and cherish the idea. 😀
    Hopefully sooner than faster we will witness it!

    • Fingers crossed hoping that will be the way of it.
      If Monsanto is held accountable it’s a short step
      from that to holding others accountable who knowing
      the facts ignored them.
      Round up Monsanto has the makings of an internet
      mantra, something for people to rally behind, well

  2. Interesting info. This might explain why Hillary Clinton recently had a $3000 a plate fund raiser at the hub for ” Celestial Seasons,” in Boulder, CO? To read between the lines is to say that a vote for Hillary is essentially a vote for Monsanto. I believe that she’s still on the board and her campaign manager is a former Monsanto lobbyist?. How come no “like” here from Mr. Ed? I could speculate. The FBI has always been the corporate police force. If Monsanto is ever seriously threatened, it is them that will come to their aid. In fact, I bet they have significantly infiltrated the ” Anti- Monsanto,” movement already. Ultimately, this shows how Hillary is insidiously just as scary as any of the republicans running.

    • A good link SB, too bad you couldn’t stay on point and deal
      with a specific issue.
      For the die hard Hillaryites and party uber alles crowd they’ll
      continue to go on about the environment, being politically correct,
      campaign reform, etc and completely ignore that Hillary was apparently
      born conjoined to corporate interests and money and has yet to be
      Bill and Hillary – a match made in corporate heaven – and don’t
      get me started on the Conservative organizational prostitution
      that panders to their corporate pimps.

    • U2 has done some songs I like but never been a big fan.
      Too often fan bases tend to ignore the downside and
      it’s all about “celebrity”.
      Bono also is a fan of FB’s Zuckerberg and Microsofts
      Gates – both of which have enriched themselves through
      data mining and privacy invasions – kind of funny how
      the one percenters hang together and feed off one

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