8 comments on “SAN BERNADINO

  1. The NFL and Selectee List is a deeply flawed program lacking anything even close to the fundamental, consiitutional right to due process. Talk to those who somehow got on the list and what it took to be removed. Apples and Oranges suggesting that NFL’s should also be prohibited from purchasing firearms. Neither of the two San Bernadino terrorists, motived by a twisted adulteration of their faith, were on the NFL and could have purchased guns legally. (Where and how they got their weapons will come out in time…but then we have the problems with Home Depot and Lowes selling common pipe and pipe cutters.) There has to be a better solution, but taking guns away from honest law-abiding citizens isn’t the answer. Point very well made that if one Frenchman or woman in the disco, or one person…an off-duty cop, or licensed concealed carry at a holiday luncheon (of all places…the definition of these is ‘soft, no very soft, target’) certainly, or maybe fewer would have died; or even in a packed movie theater in Aurora, Colorado could have made a difference. It’s not a gun problem it’s a people (psychopathic or religious zealot) problem. New York isn’t the best example here by the way…it’s Chicago.

    (See that the snowflakes are back for the winter. Nice touch.)

    • The snowflakes are something wp generates, around April Fool’s Day
      they usually prank bloggers in some way – adds a human touch.
      I agree re the NFL and believe it is representative of an existing
      unconstitutional approach in a growing number of areas and reminds of
      something I read that B.Franklin said.
      Something to the effect that a people who will surrender liberties
      for a perceived temporary safety don’t deserve them.
      If I’m not mistaken some over the counter cold (?) remedies require
      signing for them because an ingredient can be used in meth labs,
      as though everyone runs a meth lab.
      So what’s next, sign for pipes and cutters at HD?
      One would certainly hope a better solution exists than those in
      place but it is a faint hope at best considering the history of
      those in positions to legislate and enact in what usually appears
      to be a knee jerk reaction.
      Heated issue, I don’t see that changing any time soon.Funny you
      mention Chicago, my first thought but went with NYC.

      • Had to take a rest & reboot, wait for technology to catch up to my security needs.Self-published 9 books, vetted alot of powerful new info from numerous sources mainly David Humphries Miller’s 2 books Custer’s Fall & Ghost Dance which alot of the content came from my family, relatives, kinsmen & allies, as well as Lakota enemies like the Crow who were survivor/informants eyewitnesses/warriors from the Battle of the Little Big Horn which dispels the Custer Myth used 4 western expansion. Missed you…& you were right in saying she will be back….time in the cave/hablicia proved fruitful. LBW

      • Glad you’ve kept up FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT with honestly, integrity, honor & wisdom. You are one of the very best research journalists out there…I shared a few of your posts yesterday on Twitter, since Associated Press, Rapid City Journal, Huff Post, Hollywood Buzz , FOX NEWS NETWORK are following me HakiktaWin on Twitter, along with academia….you deserve acknowledgement for your outstanding journalism skills, and your incredible aserbic wit…you always nail the issue no matter what it is, and always make me smile, you are really good at what you do, Rezinate-don’t ever stop!

      • Well, thank you for the props and accolades though I’m not sure they’re
        warranted – never thought of myself as a journalist or researcher, more
        of a nail pounder/wood cutter with a voice and willing to use it.
        No plans to stop though I’m sure there are those who vehemently disagree
        with me and wish I would just shut the hell up.
        Keep punchin’ and be well, it ain’t over till it’s over.

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