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    • Well, I don’t believe anyone will ever accuse me of
      being timid in voicing an opinion, but for me personally
      I just feel sometimes it’s better to walk it back a little.

    • Trudell made his own destiny , he can grovel on into eternity , looking for the soul he tossed away years ago, and deserving as such considering how much his actions and choices have created so much negative influence on identity and world views of the youth. There are many who comprehend this, that would not call it “bad mouthing” , there are many who will be quite a bit more harsh with their words towards Trudell’s legacy and rightfully so , considering simple truth, one can wrap chit up as pretty as can be and cloak it with any perfume odor , thou when you unwrap it , it is still chit. Trudell with his Hollywood gift wrapping and perfume, is what it is.

      • In large measure we all make our own destiny or at least
        contribute to it, the benefit or detriment of doing so can
        be the ripple effect it produces among friends, family, and
        loved ones.
        That effect can be a positive or negative one – especially
        when it comes to spouses and children as it did to Trudell’s
        wife and children.
        One may argue Trudell’s wife was in the loop but only a fool
        would attempt to do likewise when it came to his children.
        I’ve had my turn at bat when it came to addressing Trudell,
        didn’t hesitate to do so and won’t again as time passes.
        If initially walking it back in consideration of survivors
        doesn’t sit well then that’s on others and I won’t be losing
        any sleep over it.
        The intent of this particular blog was neither to bury or
        praise Trudell, as I said, I left that too others, it was
        merely to make note of his passing and that regardless of
        opinions family and loved ones grieve.
        I did the same in the initial blog when Means passed on and
        may do so when others do as well, yet everyone knows I had
        nothing but contempt for Russell.
        I didn’t then nor will I now claim it is the combined wrath,
        judgement, or retribution of Creator thinking if that were to
        be the way of it wouldn’t have taken so long while understanding
        I neither know nor can speak for the ways of Creator.
        There isn’t anything wrong in my opinion if the stick is set down
        to be picked up again, I in fact believe an argument can be made it
        is reflective of tradition to if not give the family a little room
        then to at least avoid going for the low hanging fruit of opportunity
        in such a situation.
        If any construe that to be “selling out”,”soft on crime”, not
        an “LRI”, or an adoring eulogy of Trudell or Means then so be, I won’t
        be losing any sleep over that either as I’ve heard it all before
        depending on who a person is and the positions they take.
        Simple truths ….. Trudell had a lot of explaining to do and those
        who loved him grieve.
        Grief is an honest emotion that has a greater authenticity than
        anything AIM has ever done or will do, and that too is what it is.

  1. I first knew about John through his music and poetry and thence everything else related to AIM, Peltier etc. But for me he remains a wordsmith who wrote Beauty In A Fade. Its beauty will never fade.

    • Trudell was different things to different people in ndn country but no denying
      he had a way with words – I think the first time I heard the term “spoken word”
      artist it was related to him and often wondered if he coined the phrase.

  2. Yes rezinate respect for you. There are many questions about John Trudell
    but you have shown the wisdom of elders and compassion for the ones who
    grieve, it is the way of a true warrior.

  3. Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior

    Please do not state you support my mother and her justice while posting RIP messages to John Trudell. That is assanine and contradictory.

    This behavior is WHY justice for our #MMIW has stalled in a stagnant state of limbo in our communities. When people refuse to hold those accountable and complicit in a murder morally responsible for their involvement and continued silence because of their past and celebrity it trivializes the truth and demoralizes and demeans our women.

    It is no secret that John had at one time testified against his beloved aim brothers and sisters in speaking the truth about what happened to Annie Mae. What many do not know is that thru those trials it was also exposed that John knew about my mother’s execution long before any one else did including the feds.

    When I asked him about this and questioned his reaction to my mother’s message of help ( with the ring ) he began getting defensive stating there were infiltrators that made aim members kill Annie Mae.

    He claimed to know who this infiltrator was yet he refused to say who it was, and accused me of harassing him. Oh and he stated he was writing a book and that he would tell his side of the story about my mother and there wasn’ t a damn thing I could do about it. RIP indeed.

    Disrespect is trying to ignore the contradictions by intentionally glazing over the truth so you can share and post messages of condolences.

    His family and our family deserve better . Leave his family in peace and let them mourn what they had and lost and leave my mother out of it. Justice for Annie Mae.

    • I understand completely where Denise and Debbie are coming
      from – I also recall they too had to endure a lot of negative
      comments when grieving for their mother, in fact still do, and
      I doubt it facilitated the process or they appreciated it.
      Denise is correct in saying “Leave his family in peace and let
      them mourn what they had and lost and leave my mother out of it.
      Justice for Annie Mae.”
      No eulogies, no contradictions, no disrespect, in what I’ve blogged
      as the archives reflect – just an understanding that the family
      should be left in peace during such a time.

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