1. my condolences to the children in greatest form, as for those who have followed the lead of illness that helped all this mess come into play, to include those immediate family members who supported and followed that lead, my stance of concern, sympathy or regard are well understood by those who know me as being one who does no compromise based on my convictions. As for original 1st nations justice towards the charged guys, if truth and fact show the intent was direct, they can count their blessings that u.s judiciary practices as part of the treaty agreements stand in the way to their end of existence in this world. The papers are reporting possible accidental cause over a cell phone argument, which still does not constitute them burning the body and trying to hide it, which is another reason if original justice were active, they should count their blessing. just saying

    • An imposed judiciary system and governmental model
      all part of the intent to assimilate – difficult to
      deny it hasn’t facilitated the process.
      Seems as though some who have sites and talk the longest
      and loudest about indigenous rights, tradition, sovereignty,
      and it’s all about the youth are the first to kick that
      under the bus as Russell Means did with his Chinle “defense”
      when “colonial law” can be advantageously invoked.
      What happens now in the courts related to Downwind’s murder
      is out of the nations hands just as so many other things are.

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