12 comments on “LUCIFERIAN PLOTS

  1. Bravissimo, audience rises as one clapping and calling for
    an encore.
    Passion is often feigned, your’s is genuine.

  2. did this ever need to be said, way to go bro. I looked at that linked place in the
    trump post you made and only saw one comment by you, didn’t you say you
    made two or three.

    • Thanks shard – and yeah I did, maybe they haven’t been seen
      yet, or maybe I’ve fallen from grace and they went to the
      trash bin.
      Either way I’m pretty much saying it all here so it isn’t
      a big deal. Got a copy anyway.
      In fact since the response to my initial comment ended with
      a question I did reply to but haven’t seen it as yet, what follows
      is a copy/paste of the archived reply I attempted:

      This is yet another false construct that socialism equals communism, there
      is a huge difference that people aren’t aware of or choose to ignore as an
      incovenient truth.
      If you or any member of your family have ever availed themself of any
      government service then they were practicing socialists. Everyone
      of our people who has to rely on IHS, commodities, free lunches for
      elders or children, visiting nurses, vaccine programs, government
      funded rest homes, shelters for abused women, grants for essential
      programs have availed themselves of what Reps will refer to as
      Would you deny any of these for our people? Will you call them
      communists for doing so?
      SSI and Medicare when introduced were assailed by the Reps as socialist
      and communist – do you believe those who receive either are communists,
      would you deny our people access?
      Unions that led to child labor laws, the abandonment of sweat shops, and
      generally compelled an increase in wages for those in unions and those who
      weren’t were and remain routinely labeled socialist by guess who? The Reps.
      Would you have children sent back to the coal mines, or they and women
      consigned to long hours in sweat shops?
      Do you support prenatal care based solely on the ability to pay? If so ask
      yourself how many of our women would be excluded as we talk about
      infant mortality rates on the rez and in our communities?
      How about government funded programs to address the issue of suicide,
      alcohol and substance abuse among our youth? Should they be done away
      Democratic socialist programs led to the creation of the minimum wage,
      inspite of the fact it should be at least doubled due to the efforts and opposition
      of Reps to keep it down and maintain a great many families at or below the
      recognized poverty level, are you opposed to a decent living wage that would
      allow people the ability to move forward?
      Has three plus decades of “trickle down economics” elevated the standard of
      living for anyone other than one percenters? Do you support that?
      The New Deal, soup kitchens, the WPA, CCC, and NRA, were all “socialist
      programs deigned to break the hold of the Depression, they created jobs,
      addressed infrastructure issues and got people back on their feet – imagine if
      those who railed against them as socialist would have prevailed.
      Modern day soup kitchens and homeless shelters are “socialist”, how many of
      our urban people depend upon them do you think?
      Nafta was Bush the first and a Rep wet dream that illustrates the complicity of Clinton
      who stated he would actively support it’s passage and it would immediately create
      a couple of hundred thousand jobs, which it didn’t having the opposite effect – yet the
      Reps still love it.
      The Keystone pipeline is yet another Rep wet dream that the nations with an
      understanding of an ancestral environmental awareness have opposed – the Reps
      love it just as they do fracking. Do you support these things?
      Already before the climate conference in Paris has ended the Reps are seeking to block
      any beneficial agreements that may eventuate. Is that your position also?
      Gun ownership? I favor it while at the same time acknowledging law abiding owners
      need to get over the they can take it from my cold dead hands etc etc and become a
      part of the process to address gun violence.
      In the fifties and sixties it was all about “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming”, now it’s the Muslims and Mexicans are coming we have to build a wall. The Reps thrive
      on this.

      • Sorry I took a rest yesterday…its all there & approved.
        Dialogue & getting it all out there is paramount…I loved everything Rez said.
        Hope you all have a nice Holiday Season.
        I am proud of you too Rez, but you never mentioned the thread from AIM/ABOUREZK/WH.
        That thread shows why AIM has never been charged, what’s stopping what should be happening on our Reservations for your concerns & mine.
        Books sales money goes back to Indian Children Schools, Disabled Vets, Wounded Warrior Programs.

      • Rest is good – I kind of flopped around a little myself
        No need to explain sales profits, those who should
        can be found among the AIM leadership and their
        “medicine men” cronies – but good that you pay it
        Deluged with emails, chores, work, etc and probably
        missed the thread you mentioned but will take a look.
        Just in from work, finished my coffee, caught up
        on the domestic news and need to clean my filthy self
        up now so I’ll check it out later.

  3. BTW, I never said I was voting for Trump. I have said positive things about candidates and other topics.then found out more to change direction rethinkinking…that should be a daily occurance for all, when you think you know everything, you find out you were fooled.

    • People have the right to vote for whoever they want, that’s what a “democracy” is
      supposed to be about, it is in fact a linchpin.
      But I believe democracy is better served when the electorate educate themselves
      about issues and the candidates, not go for the sound bites, memes that won’t stand
      up even under a minimum of scrutiny, or become a single issue voter.
      People will criticize a candidate as a populist, truth of the matter is they all
      are only some abuse the privilege.
      Yet there’s something to be said for populism inspite of the negative results it can
      The problem with Democracy as it is being shaped in this country is twofold – knee
      jerk reactions and the overwhelming influence of corporate money that has corrupted
      the process.
      The huge majority of politicians either support corporate interests or are influenced
      by them whether they claim otherwise or not.
      Am I opposed to democracy? Absolutely not, but people ignore that the socialism I
      peak of is predicated upon the lead in word – “Democratic” Socialist Reform.
      The clear indication is democratic, that implies an electoral process that reflects
      the will of the people.
      Socialism can and has been corrupted just as democracy can and has been – when it
      comes to the corruption of socialism the result is communism.
      When it comes to the corruption of democracy you have a corporatocracy exactly like
      the one that exists in this country. Question is do you throw the baby out with the
      bathwater based on corrupted models?
      Are Kakaesque secret courts and warrants a characteristic of democracy? No they aren’t.
      Neither are indicting whistleblowers which this administration has done by tripling
      the number of the former administration they’ve gone after.
      Is domestic spying or attacking civil liberties characteristic of democracy? Not by
      any known metric I am aware of.
      So the question can only follow exactly what form of governance exists in this country?
      If the system is broken it needs to be fixed -steering the same course based on the
      ideology and platforms the two parties represent can’t in truth be said to provide
      a remedy in view of the realities, and the truth of that can easily be verified.
      So what’s left? Reform? for sure, but who will pursue
      that to it’s logical and equitable conclusion?
      The answer is neither party, as it would have to begin with true campaign reform which
      neither are willing to pursue, and stripping corporations of their influence, tax breaks,
      and tax shelters thereby empowering people.
      That isn’t going to happen either as both the DNC and RNC know which side their bread is
      buttered on.
      To facilitate this and gain the trust of the electorate transparency would be an essential
      element, a willingness for government to say this is where we blew it and accept responsibility,
      that isn’t going to happen either.
      Everyone should be willing and have the capacity to rethink and redefine positions they
      take – that’s what the result was when I told the Peltier bandwagon I’d be getting off,
      and haven’t looked back since.

    • The current administration bears a large share of the responsibility in
      perceiving ISIS as the “jv squad” and a foreign policy of accommodation,
      now it’s trying to play catch up.
      But I believe the roots of the current version of terrorism go back to the
      manipulation and foreign adventurism by this country that took place in Iran
      when it facilitated a coup and for all intents and purposes installed the Shah.
      Attacking Iraq under a bogus claim they had WMDs and represented a clear
      and present danger didn’t help either.
      What a lot of people want to ignore is that Saddam Hussein was another one
      of the U.S.’s boys that this country backed against Iran – but there’s a
      long history of supporting tyrants and human rights violaters.
      We’ve made no friends in Afghanistan or anywhere in the region, any
      relationships are based on a quid pro quo basis, perceived geopolitical
      strategy, and nothing else.
      Coherent foreign policies begin at home with domestic policies – been a long
      time since there was a coherent domestic policy and that is reflected in just
      about everything this country does at home and abroad.
      So again, what is the remedy? Reform, far reaching reform that cuts to the
      quick of it – I don’t believe that will emanate from the party uber allies
      mentality of either the Dems or Reps.
      I think Iceland and the course they’ve taken over the last four or five years serves
      as a model.
      I believe the nations could serve as model if we can get out from under the
      dependency, control our own resources, enter into our own trade agreements, and
      address infrastructure issues – a tall order I don’t believe will be happening
      any time soon, but something to strive for.
      George McGovern during WK2 stated that there are no sovereign nations within
      the United States – McGovern was one of the most liberal politicians to ever
      hold office and I think it ominous that he would adopt such a position and
      take it as clear indication liberals won’t support such a movement much less
      It’s like secessionist movements – if a territory joins a union it is a defacto
      contract, if either side fails to live up it’s obligations by a majority opinion
      of a state for instance then it could be argued that the contract has been nullified
      and the state has the right to vacate the contract.
      I don’t take such secessionist talk seriously because it very well could lead to
      economically cutting off one’s nose to spite their face and I doubt a majority
      of those who populate a state would want to.
      Then too an example was provided during the Civil War what the response would
      most likely be.
      When you look at the grandstanding amounting to nothing ploy of Russell
      Means and his so called Republic of Lakota he went the accommodation route in
      saying anyone already within the boundaries was welcome to stay knowing full
      well people would not give up their homes or businesses without a fight and
      at the very least the Nat’l Guard would intervene – so it was an attention
      getting device for Means and nothing else.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if he scammed a few bucks in the process as well
      and often wonder what became of the “bank” he created and it’s assets.
      Thanks for the reblog.

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