1. ” Like”. It kind of reminded of this story for some reason?

    My grandfather Raymond, who i never had the fortune to meet, was beat to death in Gordon, NE, a small border town of Pine Ridge, SD.
    My dad, Dennis Yellow Thunder, used to tell me stories of a quiet gentle man who taught him how to draw and bought him a brand new saddle.
    Ive grown up, now a mother of 3, listening to the stories of my grampa Raymond. He used to work on a ranch, for many years, and always brought groceries home to my gramma Amelia and Grampa Russell, who was his little brother. He was quiet, like grampa russell, and loved horses. He never spoke ill of anyone and always cared for his people. He was very humble, a Lakota.
    In the year 1972, my grandfather was bludgeoned to death by four young white men. There are rumors of castration and mutilation. He was forced to dance half naked in the American Legion, “Dance dirty indian, dance!” they chanted.
    My gramma, grampa, and dad all waited at home for him, for days they waited. My dad said he knew something was wrong, grampa raymond had never just left and never came back, he always showed back up, with candy or drawing pencils for my dad.
    They waited and they waited, my dad looking down the long dirt road. He never came back, not ever. The police found him in a truck, frozen and dead.
    Our family, my grandmothers and grandfathers, fought to bring grampa home, for a wake and funeral, a give away and a feed, the lakota way. The police would not let them have his body,my grandmother Amelia says.
    The four white men were given one year in jail, for a crime so heinous, they were given ONE YEAR. They kept dismissing charges, lowering charges. So, my family called on AIM, American Indian Movement, to come and help to get justice for the death of my grandfather, my tunkasila. They marched into the city, so powerful and demanded justice for my grampa.
    My grandfather was sent home. His grave, still unmarked, in Allen, SD. My dad took me there once, we talked of a headstone, our family could never afford, i promised that one day, I would get him one.
    After AIM marched into Gordon, NE, they marched over to Wounded Knee, here the epic stand off between my people and the US government would happen, with my grandfathers name on everyones heart and lips, my aunties, uncles, grammas and grampas would take a stand. Here, at the siege of Wounded Knee, they would fight to be Lakota.

    • A sad story speaking to injustice – it’s a shame AIM
      hasn’t powerfully marched into WK2 and helped to
      repatriate the remains of Perry Ray Robinson Jr.
      and others they murdered there isn’t it?
      It’s an additional injustice that with as much money
      as AIM has scammed over the years they never compensated
      a single resident whose property had been looted,
      destroyed, or burnt to the ground, never did a thing to
      help rebuild.

    • With dignity, humility, and an abiding awareness of
      the responsibility.
      A reality is that pipes have become something of a
      prop for more than few and that produces a measure
      of degradation.
      Yes I have a pipe, anyone who does in a sense is a pipe
      carrier, but here are those with a pipe and pipe carriers,
      there is a difference as you know, and I am not a “pipe carrier”
      though a pipe that would make me such a carrier was offered to me
      to tend and I declined feeling I wasn’t qualified.
      I suspect you’re leading up to something and if so go ahead and
      ask or say it outright – if personal no offense will be taken.
      If you prefer to do so in a private comment or via email I will
      respect that.

    • Trumps a real piece of work – he’s been saying all
      immigration should be stopped until the administration
      figures out what’s going on, maybe he should stop
      his campaign until he get’s a clue and can figure out
      what’s going on.

  2. What’s your thoughts on this? If you substitute ” Muslims and Mexicans,” for “Japanese” you pretty much have Trump. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Trump is elected the FBI will be instituted as the corporate police force to carry out his Fascist policies: The same way that they did it for the “traitor,” Dick Wilson:

    Dear Sirs –

    I felt shocked, outraged, and disgusted to read that the California American Legion voted to 1) deport all Japanese after the war, citizen or not, 2) Bar all Japanese descendants from citizenship!!

    We, who may have to give our lives in this great struggle—we’re fighting precisely to free the world of such Hitlerism, such narrow jingoism.

    If you deport Japanese, why not Germans, Italians, Rumanians, Hungarians, and Bulgarians?

    If you bar from citizenship descendants of Japanese, why not descendants of English? After all, we once fought with them too.

    America is great and strong as she is because we have so far been a haven to all oppressed.

    I felt sick at heart to read of this matter.

    Yours truly,

    Pvt. Peter Seeger

    I am writing also to the Los Angeles Times.

    • I’ve addressed the Japanese internment during WW2 as well
      as McCarthyism which was post WW2 – if you noticed in the blog
      Trump: The First African President and Reality Shows there
      is a link where Trump supporters are being interviewed and
      some support registering Jews in this country.
      Racism has and I suspect always will exist in this country
      just as it will everywhere else – “political correctness” and
      designating certain crimes as “hate crimes” isn’t going to change
      You can’t legislate thought out of existance, you can only
      encourage or penalize it.
      It appears as though with longevity the more the role of
      government becomes adversarial when it comes criticism and
      accountability, since they have every resource advantage they
      don’t hesitate to employ them.
      With the recent budget “deal” those flag waving love or it leave
      it conservatives who call themselves patriots and last real
      Americans snuck in CISA, a major domestic spying program that the
      public is against and further undermines civil liberties.
      This inspite of recent legislation following the “discussion”
      that took place intended to exercise a modicum of control and
      accountability over the nsa.
      Am I surprised that Seeger spoke up or the response? No. There is
      a long history prior to and post Seeger that demonstrate this
      is the way of it.
      Current events can be couched in whatever terms legislators or
      their followers want, but the realities speak for themselves and
      it’s up to the electorate to choose the course of the nation rather
      than entrenched representatives of dysfunctional ideologies.
      If they fail to do so by setting aside blind party allegiance
      and the resulting divisiveness then they have no one to blame but
      Trump is playing to an underlying dissatisfaction and sense of
      disenfranchisement all of government and all candidates should
      take note of – rhetoric or patronizing isn’t the solution, real
      change is, meaningful change ……. but then that gets back
      to perceiving the will and desires of the people as something
      more than a threat and putting aside the governmental seige
      mentality of self perpetuation above all else.

      • And Hillary is making it a Rep./ Dem. thing. ” Any Dem is better than a Rep.” Maybe so, but she’s more of a Rep. than a Dem. Let’s call her,”Rep. light.” She is a corporate centrist at best. It seems that the only sane choice right now is Bernie? If it’s between Trump and Hillary , God help us all!

      • I think Sanders is the only viable choice but the DNC
        anointed Hillary the next in line come hell or high water
        following Obama’s election and I don’t believe they’ll
        budge from that.
        The media is following course by avoiding the numbers
        Sander’s is drawing and making it all about Hillary.
        Saturday night debates when fewer will be tuning in
        are obviously meant as some kind of kelfar for her.
        I think one more terrorist attack and Trump can longer
        be seen as a long shot to win the presidency.
        Should that happen people might want to think about
        sitting his tenure out in another country.
        When it comes to the issue of immigration a part of
        that is the ability to deport – I think even though
        Trump isn’t an immmigrant an exception should be made
        and he should be deported to Argentina or Brazil where
        Nazis took up residency.
        The direction Sanders is pointing can’t be achieved in
        one or two terms, it would be a beginning successive
        presidents would need to build upon.
        On another note conservative legislators are the only
        legislative body anywhere in the world that deny climate
        change – I can’t help but think that they must have moments
        of lucidity when they admit it to themselves – if so they
        should begin acting as individuals rather than a herd.
        After all it is their children just like everyone elses
        who will deal with the consequences – “family values” and
        all the bible thumping hoopla you would think would
        compel them to be “good stewards”.
        “Rep lite” – at a minimum and well said.

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