4 comments on “TRUMPLODYTES

  1. http://www.newser.com/story/217406/anonymous-new-target-trump.html

    Well, this is interesting and difficult to
    find anything related on the mainstream
    media – apparently anonymous holds Trump in
    the same low esteem as they do ISIS.
    I find it a little difficult to believe Anonymous
    doesn’t think Trump is great and loves him like
    he claims everyone else does.
    There’s a great line said by Mickey Rourke in
    the movie Bar Fly – he says not just anyone
    can be an alcoholic it takes endurance.
    I think the same can be said of Trump supporters,
    after months of listening to how great, intelligent,
    and loved he is they’re displayed amazing endurance.

  2. Demographics, if you look at this the position Trump and
    his supporters are taking is basically the same one
    the nations have been subjected to.
    All Muslims are bad based primarily on their beliefs,
    no doubt somewhere in this is skin coloration and
    language as well.
    All Muslims are savage terrorists bent on destruction.
    They shouldn’t be allowed entry to the country and those
    who are here should either be ejected or confined to
    specific areas and monitored.
    This sounds a lot like the historical public sentiment
    and governmental policies directed at the nations doesn’t
    it ?
    A sentiment that exists to this day among hate groups
    and white supremists.
    Yes our beliefs were and are different, as are our languages
    and color of our skin.
    Yes there was a time when we were all viewed as bad.
    Yes we were viewed as savage terrorists bent on destruction.
    Yes there was a time when the sentiment was we should be driven
    out of the country.
    Yes we were and are confined to specific areas and closely
    Now if there is so much as a single indigenous person whose
    alright with this, believes in any way, shape, or form a Trump
    presidency would be good for us as a people, or even for
    the country at large, then I invite them to step up and make
    their case.

    • Irrelevant whether any do or get mad, it’s about
      the right and wrong of what’s going on in this
      country, this election cycle and how it will
      impact the nations.
      Few things ever work out to be advantageous to
      the nations – a Trump presidency would send us
      into freefall.
      Since we are basically excluded from input related to
      directional policies this nation takes then we ought
      to at least focus on what’s best for us, for all of us,
      for every man, woman, and child of every one of our
      nations – not just ourselves or the nation we come
      from. A loud mouth egocentric racist doesn’t meet
      the criteria.
      I’m not interested in hanging around the political
      fort but sure as hell going to voice my opinion when
      it comes to equity and a fair shake for our people.
      If that upsets anyone then their disgruntlement and
      about five bucks will get them a cup of coffee at
      one of those chic coffee shops manned by “barristas”.
      I expect no one to agree with everything I say or
      do, but it should be understood that works both ways
      and if a common ground can’t be found then so be it,
      we’ve all got a life beyond the interent.

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