1. Bank$ was not only able to identify Annie’s body all the way removed from
    California prior to anyone else being able to but also prior to her exhumation
    and a pending second autopsy was able to say she had died from a gunshot wound
    to the back of her head.
    Any Bank$ defenders want to explain to the rest of us how that was possible?

  2. Every one of the movement’s national “leadership” from the 1970’s was corrupted by celebrity, money, self-aggrandizement and sex. The current popular mythology that surrounds these men is simply deplorable in light of the revelations of the past decade. Major and proper kudos to you for having the courage to shine a light on these very dark chapters of the American Indian Movement. The movement was and should be always remembered for the membership. People like my mother. People like Anna Mae. True believers in our struggle who were willing to and did sacrifice all that they had to give while the “leadership” was spouting off in the media and conducting paid whirlwind tours across the globe all the while having the blood of innocents dripping from their hands.

    • All things, all people, all events pass into history- it is only the
      earth that will remain whether hospitable to life or not.
      All creatures great and small produce an influence, much of which we may
      not understand or ever be aware of and yet that is the way of it.
      With self awareness as human beings comes responsibility and choice – AIM
      could have been a vehicle for cultural revival had it not been for the
      leadership, instead it became the equivalent of a K-T event for the nations,
      one yet to be recovered from.
      The allure and need for revival drew many well intentioned people, and
      credit to those of good heart – but in being corrupted by the leadership
      as a movement the potential was never realized.
      In the quest for control and power, the lions share of the spoils, AIM
      splintered into rival factions, petty fiefdoms presided over by petty
      warlords who like all warlords employed intimidation and murder to achieve
      their personal goals.
      In the aftermath of this pursuit of personal goals the names of their victims
      have become known – Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, Perry Ray Robinson Jr., Buddy
      Lamont, Roque Duenas, Nogeeshik Aquash, and Leo Wilcox, while the names of
      unidentified others buried in hidden graves at WK2 and undoubtedly elsewhere
      have yet to be spoken.
      These names as well as the corruption and marketing of tradition and ceremonies,
      the over the top presence of gangs, alcohol and substance abuse, the sexual
      and physical abuse of women and children are the history of the AIM leadership,
      their legacy.
      Wherever what remains of the leadership the integrity of all things, even
      the very ground they walk upon is defiled and the need for revival has become
      greater than before they began their reign of terror.
      As a people we have sacrificed a great deal – the greater sacrifice has been
      to tolerate and endure the presence of individual likes Dennis Bank$, Russell
      Means, Clyde and Vernon Bellecourt, Leonard Crow Dog, Carter Camp, and their
      various cronies.

  3. Men without honor can not honor our women alive or fallen, Annie was my friend and i will never forget. I will continue to spread the word about these dishonorable men. the death of my dear friend invalidates all the good works that they claim to have done. Real men and warriors would have stood and said what they did. These are not men and to me they are apples cause they do not follow our ways. Our ways do not kill our friends or women. I am sadden about the young one and i have said prayers for her. However, i no longer pray that the AIM leaders learn to walk in humility, rather i ask the Creator to take them all from us so no one else is poisoned by their lying tongues and ways. I ask the Creator that all those men and women involved be exposed to the whole world and in Indian Country.

    • I agree Mea, and in the midst of this dishonor neither
      can any lay claim to the title of warrior or acting/speaking
      in the spirit of Crazy Horse.
      You honor yourself and the fallen in raising your voice
      and spreading the word – nae’ese.
      Be well and keep punchin’.

  4. Finally the “Truth” is spoken. I have followed your mothers story for years and years. I’m so sorry for your families loss but the rest of the world missed out on Annie Mae. I feel robbed by these men. I knew something was very wrong. Thank you for not giving up.
    Shirley A. Greene

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