1. The ” Steward,” and her new Guru Boyden once again showing their twisted, racist, true colors. Once again, does a Chunupa, ANY Chanupa belong in her hands? In one breath she’ll talk about Ray Robinson and in the other she’ll talk like this. And she called you, ” two-faced?”
    What they’re talking here is some pseudo- Christian rhetoric. It sounds a lot more like Trump or J. Edgar Hoover then what Christ himself might have said.

    • Well, been called worse things than two faced, some of them emanting
      from you, so not a big deal to me – in fact I’ll go so far to say that
      if speaking out against Trump and discussing pipes is the qualifier then
      I must be.
      All and all though this is a bizarre rant as linked and the question
      for me is what’s the motivation for blogging it?
      I wouldn’t be surprised to see it disappear following a little personal
      reflection by the author.
      If the author has taken to “tailgating” Boyden I don’t believe bouncing
      comments back and forth among themselves will amount to much – but a
      mind and the opportunity to coherently disseminate information are a
      terrible thing to waste.
      Nor do I believe anyone will be impressed, at least not in a positive
      way, anymore than they will be with the jewish cabal conspiracies or
      taking a shotgun approach in calling everyone you disagree with or
      don’t like a satanist, demonic, “two faced” or whatever.
      These are the sort of things that generally emanate from white supremists
      and other hate groups – slogans and mottos you might find on the
      walls of public restrooms.
      People who know and understand what pipes and the responsibilities
      that come with being a “keeper” are all about will reject this out of
      hand, as to those who don’t their opinions don’t have much relevance.
      You and I are taking a different approach – you’ve personalized yours
      while I’m merely attempting to address issues that are important to me
      and I believe the nations.
      I wonder what Fools Crow would have to say about a rant like this, or
      MLK for that matter – how about Cheryl Buswell and Ray’s family?
      I think what we’re witnessing is a meltdown, that’s never a good thing.
      I know both Boyden and LBW keep tabs on this blog, read what is written,
      in light of that I would ask/suggest that they step back for a moment,
      take stock of things, and tone it down a little.
      If they believe they have “information” or something of value to offer,
      which they have in the past, such things will have a greater credibility
      if presented in a reasonable manner, and that should be the focus.
      If either have an issue with the things I’ve said or care to offer an
      opposing view in this blog I invite them to do so.

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