10 comments on “INDIAN HEAD PENNY

    • It serves no purpose to dwell on them our every waking moment
      yet the five hundred plus years of occupation has shaped our
      history as a people and impacted every aspect of our lives,it
      is something that cannot and should not be forgotten, nor can
      it be undone.
      Every man, woman, and child of us is obliged to rise above
      as best each can and make a better way for those who will follow
      in our footsteps.

    • Whenever I think about events like Bear River where an estimated three hundred
      Shoshone men, women, and children were slaughtered I recall FDR’s words when
      speaking about Pearl Harbor.
      He referred to it as day that would live in infamy – and while I agree I also
      know and have not forgotten that during the five hundred plus years following
      the arrival of the euro boat people the days of infamy perpetrated against
      the nations of this land are without number and every bit as infamous.
      Deniers of the holocaust, this genocidal approach, can never change so much
      as an iota of the history, nor can apologists – though arguably an apology is
      better than a continuation.
      Bear River lives in infamy as do so many other days and Pearl Harbor,
      after these centuries have come and gone our memories are long lived
      as they should be – I don’t believe the memory of Pearl Harbor lives
      in the hearts of the American people as a palpable thing in the same
      way Bear River, Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, Red River, and so many others
      do for our people.
      As to the “greatest slaughter” if you exclude the total number of indigenous
      people killed within this country and hemisphere then I’d say it is those
      nations that were driven to extinction.

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