4 comments on “INCONGRUITY

  1. A country who has multiple religions and cultures being studied, practiced by immigrants, and stolen by sometimes well meaning locals. Those locals see parts of another culture they agree with, and instead of changing their own culture, they try to replicate the other culture. Sound familiar? The country I just spoke of wasn’t any one current, it was Rome some 2000+ years ago.

    That combining and stealing of different cultures ways led to the rise of Roman christianity, and the death of Jewish christianity. That combining of different cultures also lead to confusion of ancient tribal stories or outright corruption which was then written down, a generation later those stories were combined into books, which were combined into a biblio, which became the bible.

    Look how that turned out.

    A movement for a new age? Sure. But the tactics are old school.

    • Well said and thought provoking.
      The power of the written word has held sway for good, for bad,
      as an instrument to archive, educate, disseminate,influence,
      revise, entertain, and corrupt.
      With the advent of various forms of electronic media – radio,
      television, and now the net the written word is slowly being
      supplanted and yet the characteristics and the tactics remain
      the same – in this sameness the core responsibilities haven’t
      changed but are just as routinely ignored or abused.
      All of humankind relied upon the transmission of an oral
      history, a verbal archive accompanied by physical examples that
      remained faithful evolving along with people – it was very much
      homogenous, and in being so accurate in it’s reflection.
      Inaccuracy and an increasing lack of homogeneity has and always
      will result in a corruption and alteration to such a degree as
      to render a caricature of what was, what has been.
      Those seeking an audience and a market are long on talk a about
      unlimited access, unlimited inclusion, while ignoring the obvious.
      And while I have said repeatedly in this blog I do not believe
      in an all encompassing white guilt believing that guilt is accrued
      on an individual basis as is all guilt by word and deed, the guilt of
      those who corrupt, market, and culturally vacuum our traditions and
      ceremonies is not only obvious but blatant.
      I have not forgotten the words of warning and prophecies among
      the various nations that this would be the way of it, that not only
      our very existence would be threatened but all things defining us
      as a distinct people as well.
      There are countless such warnings and prophecies, I quote the below
      for it’s undeniable accuracy:

      “I have seen in my mind that some time after I am dead…light-skinned bearded
      men will arrive with sticks spitting fire. They will conquer the land and drive
      you before them. They will kill the animals who give you their flesh that you may
      live, and they will bring strange animals for you to ride and eat. They will
      introduce war and evil, strange sickness and death. They will try and make you
      forget Maheo, the Creator, and the things I have taught you, and will impose their
      own ways. They will take your land little by little, until there is nothing left
      for you. I do not like to tell you this, but you must know. You must be
      strong…because you are the perpetuators of life and if you weaken, the Cheyenne
      will cease to be…” Sweet Medicine – Cheyenne

      Forget the name of Creator as each nation came to know it and in doing so forget
      traditional and ceremonial values and responsibilities with the imposing by any
      available means of “their own ways” and the adoption of such ways.

  2. So many incongruities rezinate and so many ignoring them it almost
    seems hopeless at times, both comments should stimulate discussion.

    • It can seem hopeless at times, even overwhelming,
      but as long as a single person raises their voice
      there is reason for hope and it ain’t over til
      it’s over.
      A good example is how AIM held sway for so long
      on the net and media – those days are gone now as
      the result of voices.

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