11 comments on “FAUX FEATHERS

  1. What captures the imagination, even the awe of people when they
    watch a video or read an article about uncontacted tribes is the
    cultural integrity of the people, the lack of a corrupting exposure.
    As nations we are far from being uncontacted, but I say when it comes
    to our traditions and ceremonies we would be better off if they had
    remained uncontacted.
    We would be stronger for it, our communities and the relationships
    within those communities would be stronger with a focus on the well
    being of all.
    Tribal governments wouldn’t wallow in the same corruption, cronyism,
    and nepotism as the government they were modeled after – chiefs and
    elders would lead, not by vote, but by merit of wisdom and integrity
    accompanied by a genuine concern and sense of responsibility.
    People are often given to talk about “the good ‘ol days” – I say as a people
    we were better off prior to contact, but it is impossible to return to those
    times ……. now it can only be about an awakening, a revival, as we make
    a place for ourselves in this age of concrete and steel while remaining true
    to our cultural heritage.

  2. I think it’s good that people want to get in touch with their spirituality. But aggravates and saddens me is that they get lost looking for their own spirituality and start trying to incorporate others because it’s ready made.

    It’s a laziness that partially stems from instant gratification. But it also stems from fear. Fear of drifting in the abyss of ignorance while you find out who you are. They don’t know who they are, or they wouldn’t attempt to become something they aren’t.

    Any attempt to make excuses for their behavior is akin to saying, “It’s not his fault he beats his children, that’s what his father was like and he learned it from him.” That’s a BS excuse, with no reasoning behind it.

    Find your own culture people, and revel in diversity.

    • I do as well in believing people people need a spiritual and moral base,
      this finding is often enough referred to as a spiritual quest.
      Had a person tell me once they were a spiritual pilgrim and another
      say they were a “spiritual vampire” taking bits and pieces from various
      belief systems that appealed to them.
      Spiritual vampire sounds really bizarre, but in thinking about it it’s
      probably a good analogy.
      There will be those who argue it is an overstatement or drama, but maintaining
      the integrity of traditions and ceremonies is in my opinion very much an
      issue of survival for the nations – it’s commonly recognized that as the
      language goes so too go a people.
      Accepting the fact that ceremonies and language are conjoined demonstrates
      the reality that if cultural survival is dependent on language then it is
      also dependent on the integrity of ceremonies.
      Cultures evolve, that’s an historical fact, the difference now being the
      mediums of influence and the artifically accelerated rate of change they
      Add marketing and the revenue that produces into the equation and what once
      may have been a natural evolutionary process becomes an entirely different
      Some will argue that in “spreading the word” it assures preservation, when
      the truth of the matter is even a cursory examination illustrates preservation
      hasn’t had much to do ith it.
      There’s a cash market out there with unscrupulous people willing to tap into
      it offering their version of pay to pray- that market has produced countless
      volumes on “native spirituality”, “instructional” dvds and cds, faux tribes,
      faux ceremonies, “licenses” to conduct ceremonies, and even tarot card/crystal
      ball readers among our own – not a one of which has ever had a historical
      precedence within the nations and can hardly be defined as acts of preservation,
      vampirism may be the more accurate description.
      Many of those engaged in such activities will tell you it is the fulfillment
      of “rainbow” prophecy – my question to those who do is Can you show me in
      any prophecy where marketing and monetary gain is a part of it?
      Can you show me where faux titles and faux hybridized or name branded ceremonies
      are meant to be the way of it? Does this “prophetic” obligation include cultivating
      an internet celebrity for fun and profit or incorporating as an “enterprise”?
      The obvious answers to the above are an emphatic no they cannot- but as darkness
      falls bringing with it greed, a lack of understanding and respect, cultural vampires
      emerge doing what they do best – and that is to feed upon the traditional and
      ceremonial life blood of their victims.
      I don’t have an issue with the casual observor or an individual with a interest,
      my concerns are about the corruption, marketing, and artificiality that like all
      GMOs have the potential to cross over, and in fact are – a threat amplified by what
      seems to be a paucity of Van Helsings willing to address the issue and an abundance
      of frauds.
      Our ancesters fought and died to preserve a way of life for their children and
      future generations, no one has to die, there doesn’t have to be an uprising, but
      it seems to me preservation with an eye to the nations children and future
      generations should be a matter of great importance.

      • Cultural vampire sounds exactly like what they are. I knew someone I called a spiritual vampire because their self worth was so low they needed to be around other people, to be “part” of other people, not just natural social interaction, it went beyond that. You could watch him attempt to latch himself onto a group conversing, and you could see their energeticness fall as a group, then he would leave, and so on and so on, until he was the one forming the groups, and everyone else he visited was subdued. It was like he fed on their happiness to make himself happy. I see the same mindset in cultural vampires, only they thrive off the romanticism instead of the reality.

      • Self confidence is important, even essential if any are to function
        in a positive way – extremes either way and it all begins to unravel.
        Important to instill in and help a child develop confidence.

      • Thank you. I find when we try to learn, to be ourselves and exist with other people, two leg and not, and not against those other people, those other people tend to want us to exist also. Friends share happily, no need to steal.

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