4 comments on “THE CRYING OF INFANTS

  1. As a mother of two who breastfed I want to say his is a beautiful
    story and there is a beauty in the way you have expressed your
    support for women in this blog and others.
    Thank you so much.

  2. When my sister breastfed, she draped the babies blanket over her. She always tried to find a private place, or make one in the case of the blanket. But I personally don’t find one thing wrong with breastfeeding in public. The culture sexualized the breast, not nature. When a culture goes against nature, nature fights back.

    A breast is food for the next generation, how can that be disgusting?

    I couldn’t help laugh at the comment the woman made about marijuana being natural too. Maybe she needs a little to calm down. But beyond that, pot doesn’t grow on our bodies.

    • Well, I’ve known a person or two who were so heavily into pot
      it may actually have begun to sprout on their body.
      It’s difficult to find anything in “modern culture” that
      hasn’t been sexualized – it sells, and that seems to be the

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