1. It sounds almost like he thinks you’re white…guess he didn’t read very many of your posts. More than likely he just got sent by his handlers err…native brothers to see if he could do what they couldn’t.

    • Maybe so, but obviously misinformed on a variety of levels.
      Always kinda amuses me when a person’s initial response is
      the tough guy act, makes me wonder if that’s the way they are
      in their day to day interactions.
      Interesting also as I noted he doesn’t sound as though he has
      an issue with “smearing” fellow vets who don’t believe as he
      does in his one size fits all approach……but then it’s the
      net often characterized by an intellectual laziness that doesn’t
      care to do a little fact checking.
      When it comes to the Red Ryder BB gun I remember the first time
      I saw one as a kid – I was about four or five and thought it was
      about the coolest thing I’d ever seen and wanted one, especially
      in knowing they were for kids – never did have one.
      Had some bbs once but not much good without the Red Ryder.

      • Well…contrary to popular sentiment, many enlisted men and women are paragons of virtue. So the smearing may be called for, like something you stepped in. When I was enlisted marines were just as bad or worse than all the rest. Like teenagers who snuck out of the house to party.

      • No experience there so can’t really offer an opinion.Good people
        in the service just as there are bad and that’s the point when it
        comes to AIM – know some good people who are in AIM and some bad
        The bad seem to out number the good by a considerable margin when
        it comes to a willingness to accept the truth and become an advocate
        for justice regardless of where it might lead.

      • Yeah, mostly good people in the service also, even if they get plastered every day off they have. I realize that’s just basically immaturity, like the teenagers sneaking out to party, they feel that they are too restricted, so they act out.

        But on the flip side there are truly evil people in the military also. Ones who revel in the suffering of others.

        This guys doesn’t seem to be bad, per se, just ignorant of the facts and too quick to shoot.

    • Well, seemed appropriate in light of the second part of
      his comment which wasn’t really necessary – kind of like
      a rooster crowing all hours of the day, everyone’s already
      up and about.

  2. Yes rezinate we laughed till we had tears in our eyes with red ryder
    and now more laughing with the rooster. But we do not think this one
    Derrick knows much about Russell means or AIM.

  3. I feel as though a better more poignant and evocative response
    could not have made rezinate. Russell Means was anything but
    a person to admire or look up to.

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