• Well, I actually forced myself to watch and listen to this yesterday, just
      getting over the headache now.
      I think the two best words to decribe Palin are “shrill harpie”, but
      Palin supporting Trump is as natural a team as Ren and Stempie,
      Heckle and Jeckle, or Dumb and Dumber.
      Palin’s looking to up her attention meter which has been in serious
      decline and probably a cabinet post of some kind – can anyone imagine
      this bimbo as head of the EPA, an ambassador, or even worse, Secretary
      of State?

  1. rez did fools crow give the pipe to dupres father and when he passed
    she kept it or did he give both of them a pipe?

    • As I understand it FC gave it to her father and when he passed on
      she came in possession of it. I doubt he would have given it to a
      teenage girl, or boy for that matter.
      It’s a ceremonial copy, one of several FC had made, and not the
      If they are one and the same then she “inherited” and the byline
      of FC giving it to her personally to become a “cleaner” needs to be
      looked at.
      “Cleaner” strikes me as a personal annotation – it wasn’t as though
      FC was handing out vacuum cleaners or a person who doesn’t live among
      their own as a “keeper” could do much, must less allow ceremonial access
      to something that belongs to a nation.
      I don’t doubt the authenticity of the pipe but my personal opinion is FC
      would have some serious issues with the manner in which it’s being kept
      and what’s being associated with it.
      Which is to say I don’t believe anyone can cite an instance when FC
      went on about jewish conspiracies, demonic, satanic, or sodomite influences.
      If I’m wrong about that then hopefully someone will provide evidence to
      the contrary.

  2. Wow!The ” Steward,” is really getting scary. This doesn’t sound anything like Fools Crow to me:
    So Obama is the Devil and Trump is the savior? I’m getting confused.

    Just like the US Govt did to the Tetons before murdering innocent elders, men, women & children/babies unarmed, deemed hostile dissentents…now Obama, put in office by Muslims, wants to do the same to you, US Citizens.

    Obama wears his Free Masonary ring proudly, & note Custer was also a Free Mason.

    History continues to repeat itself & those refusing to believe it, that we have evolved are sorely mistaken, even Putin calling Obamas socialism agenda a failure gets what Obamas ultimate solution is, just like Hitler….. he & his billionare cronies will fail, this land was deeded by Jesus himself & that is the basis of the attempt to anillate 1st Nations people since contact.

    Jesus himself gave this land to His chosen people, 1st Nations people….it is wriiten in the Bible….& that is why the terrorists & Obama are trying to take/destroy our FAITH in Jesus Christ, the son of Creator….ln their service to the Devil & his demonic forces of Evil & Darkness.

    Remember the message via the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin in 2007 was Obama is the DARK HORSE (TROJAN HORSE) of the Appocalyps, not because he’s Black, because of the DARKNESS HE SERVES….as a SON OF SATAN.

    • The move toward America becoming a corporatocracy wasn’t
      begun by Obama though he has advanced the cause.
      It kind of amazes me that conservatives who are always railing
      on about Putin or communism as the pre eminent threat ala
      Joe McCarthy won’t hesitate to quote Putin as in this instance
      when they believe it serves their purpose.
      They also are willing to ignore that corporations own the
      Republican party outright and are the ones wo promoted Citizen
      United which is a corruption of the election process.
      As to a “message” from the “Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin” I’m going
      to call that exactly what it is – bullshit.
      It is a fabrication by the same people who have apparently have
      become known as what was once referred to as “Jesus freaks”.
      I’ve read the bible along with the koran, the book of mormon,
      and several other holy books, having done so I challenge anyone to
      cite where the bible states any part of this hemisphere was “deeded”
      or “given” to the nations – it sounds more like something excerpted from
      the book of Mormon, the lost tribe of Israel thing …….. but then
      if you’re attempting to cobble together some hybrid concoction I guess
      cherry picking from any belief system serves that end.
      I won’t be surprised if the “cleaner” doesn’t at some point claim
      the pipe she has was given to her by Jesus and like the Blues Brothers
      she’s on a mission from god.
      If people could actually roll over in their graves Fools Crow would
      be spinning in his.
      I don’t know if Obama’s a Mason or not but if he’s proudly wearing
      a masonic ring I wouldn’t mind seeing a photo of it and all this sort
      of bizarre gubberish makes me believe all the more that Sanders is
      correct in saying more money needs to be directed to mental health
      The bottomline is blog numbers as the “keeper” weren’t anything to
      boast about, but there’s enough crazies out there the numbers will
      improve if you go all in for whatever conspiracy theories the lunatic
      fringe mught be promoting at any given moment.
      In the end I believe this particular pipe belonging to the Lakota
      and no single individual would be better served in a damn museum than
      the current association it has if it continues being withheld from
      them and employed as a prop in an attempt to promote a load of bs.

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