1. Who is this woman to speak in such a way when we have seen
    many of her own people do not speak well of her and see none
    who do?
    It is not the way of our people to say the things she does and we
    do not know of any who keep the pipe or bundle who talk like
    this one and does not show the pipe for ceremony.
    We have seen this video she says Two Elk makes the threat in
    and we do not hear any threat only a man who says she has
    responsibilities and if she will not meet them he will do nothing
    for her, and we say he is right in this.
    This woman does not speak for anyone we know, she has put
    herself away her people and speaks only for herself.

    • You’ll probably find yourself on the “cease and desist” list now, but I echo your sentiments related to Two Elk and the rest.
      If you notice in the below comment Trimbach admonishes her for betraying a trust I
      assume in posting that particular video, or maybe another, in a comment he made in the Coconspirators blog – I suppose some might refer to such a betrayal as being two faced but I leave that to them to decide whether it is or not.
      For the record I don’t recall advising anyone not to trust the younger Trimbach, what I said was along the lines that as his father was a SAC at WK2 he could have a vested interest in protecting him and a reason for saying Dave Hill wasn’t an informant – but did I specifically say “don’t trust him”? No, and if need be I can go through the external archives where I keep what I consider to be relevant emails.
      The elder Trimbach has health issues and the “cleaner” has said she conducted a healing ceremony for him that led to a vast improvement in his condition, if so then well and good
      as I have no personal animosity toward him.
      The Trump influence is obvious – Trump believes he can say anything he wants and it’s all good, but if someone else does then they’ve “insulted” him and he’s going to get his legal team on it, send cease and desist orders, and/or sue.
      Whatever, I have two friends who are attorneys, one tribal and one criminal/civil that follow the blog who say they have my back anywhere anytime as they are well informed when it comes to the issues this blog addresses and would love to get more than one person in a civil court.

      “Suzanne, you know this all started because you had a falling out with Barry and
      for some reason I got lumped in with that because you emailed both of us to never
      contact you again, after we both spent a lot of time trying to help you. Barry
      emailed back, “Why does John get placed with me?“ A good question–was it because
      I couldn’t drop what I was doing and for the fourth time, leave my wife and kids,
      fly across the country to Seattle, rent a car, and come defend you against AIM bad
      guys you were sure were lurking out in the woods? Or was it because I didn’t do
      enough to help you when you said you and Arnie were being poisoned? What was I
      supposed to do, drain your tank? No contact in over a year and you come out with
      this insane nonsense about the Robinson and Aquash murders? If that’s what you think,
      I really do need to write another book. As for the video, I shared that with you in
      confidence- I trusted you! Yes, shame on you, Suzanne. Well, Barry says you have
      issues. Agreed. Seriously Suzanne, you need professional help.”

  2. Every journalist is aware of the GERTZ v. WELCH (1974) decision creating a new classification, “vortex public figure”. A private citizen plaintiff who has “thrust himself (or herself) into the vortex” of an existing public controversy must prove actual malice in a libel suit against a mass media defendant. The plaintiff becomes a “limited public figure”.
    I submit that LBW has more than willingly thrust herself into the vortex over the years.

    • Interesting point and I couldn’t agree more, the term
      vortex seems to be appropriate in more ways than one.
      The core theme of this blog has been the defense
      of and an effort to maintain the integrity of all
      the nations traditions and beliefs.
      In the five years of it’s existence this advocacy
      has become more than obvious in my opinion, and I will not
      deviate from that regardless of whose feathers are
      Among the nations a major theme is survival – surviving
      poverty, the lack of quality heathcare, and the lack
      of jobs – but I submit “survival” is integrated with
      tradition and ceremonial integrity.
      Those who want to make a buck by commodifying these things
      or becoming a “name” obviously have a different view point,
      I don’t consider that a deterrent and will continue in the
      same vein I always have as absolutely none of this is about
      me – I claim only to be a human being in the context the nations
      have understood that to be.

  3. I must say I believe this person has become an embarressment
    to herself and needs to take some time to gather her thoughts.
    I have visited her blog a few times but not lately as I find it
    strange to the point of having become unintelligible.

  4. Heres what it is, Dupree has estranged herself from the lakota and lives
    completely apart from them. When was the last time she visited any res
    or made an effort to?
    All she does is sit on the sidelines selling real estate and horses talking
    a bunch of trash and sniping at any of the lakota who don’t believe her.
    I’m not impressed.

    • Well, I’m not going to knock anybody for making a living
      if it’s honest work and don’t have a clue when or if when
      it comes to your question about visiting the rez.
      But agree some real time issues exist in other areas and
      I’m equally unimpressed.

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