1. You take on a topic fraught with peril rezinate and do so with aplomb
    and acumen. So very well spoken and timely.

    • Well, thank you for the kind words but I have no doubt others will disagree with both
      your assessment and mine.
      I’m going to take the opportunity your comment allows to add the additional:

      I understand that a man will fight for what he believes in, what he perceives to be
      an injustice visited upon him or others, will fight to protect his home and at the
      core of that I haven’t a problem – I don’t know a man who would not.
      But what I say is beliefs aren’t always inclusive of a greater truth – millions for
      example have been killed due to religious beliefs and I can find little truth in that
      and the words associated with such beliefs like brotherhood, love, and peace.
      As a people the nations know all too well the inequities of the BLM and other governmental
      agencies and policies, we know all too well what it means to lose everything and seek
      remediation as others do.
      Governments are composed of men and women, they aren’t just concrete, steel, paper, and
      talking heads – the imperative is to understand that and elect those who will embrace and
      devote themselves to insuring all are seen as being equal and represented equally – that is not nor has ever been the case, and that is the challenge.
      A challenge that calls upon people to set aside personal self interest and sever the
      chains of rigid dogmatic party allegiance.
      A challenge that says yes ” we the people” will have a government that serves all the
      people, not itself, nor only a few and corporate interests. That it is a fundamental
      right that supercedes all others.
      How foolish would I be to believe the opinions I have would be universally shared?
      Diversity is often the vehicle of change and inspiration – and opinions often individual,
      shared locally, communally, nationally, globally, or contested in nature, with the onus being to find common ground.

  2. What I really don’t get about this is a group pf armed men take over
    a federal building saying they’re willing to die there and yet feel
    as though they can drive around going different places as they will?
    I don’t know who the strategist was but everybody understands the
    concept of divide and conquer.
    It strikes me as though the occupation was poorly planned from the
    beginning – the occupiers pick an isolated location, have to drive back
    and forth for supplies and apparently had little support from other
    Of course in the heat of the moment a lot of things can happen but driving
    into a snow bank doesn’t seem like a good idea to me even if it was an
    attempt to avoid spikes in the road.
    Finicum gets out of the truck, kind of staggers around losing his footing
    or perhaps stunned by the impact with his hands initially in the air and then
    looks like he makes a move for a handgun numerous photos have shown he always
    carried in the waste band of his pants.
    How many times have people been shot for making that very move, and the question
    to ask is how would you have responded in such a confrontation if faced with
    the same move?
    In a moment like that no one is thinking right or wrong they’re thinking survival,
    about not getting shot, and I say right or wrong Winicum put himself at risk
    as well as the woman he said was in the truck.
    He’s actions could have sparked a firestorm with guns blazing on both sides.
    The bottomline now is those who remain holed up at the refuge are doing so on
    borrowed time.
    They can’t expect the calvary to come to the rescue- all roads leading in or
    out are blocked, supplies will dwindle, and judging by the video either drones or
    choppers are being employed.
    They say Finicum said several times if they were going to shoot him why didn’t they
    just go ahead and do it – he had also said peviously he wasn’t going to go to
    prison so maybe he felt it best to provoke a shooting, sort or what they call suicide
    by cop. Or maybe he believed it was inevitable they would shoot him and he had
    nothing to lose.
    Inspite of all the talk about occupying for years and a willigness to die it
    doesn’t appear as though that has been much more than talk.
    Now the four(?) remaining occupiers want to be pardoned rather than fight it out.
    In the vernacular this entire crew has “torn their ass”.
    Militia groups around the country will go on about cold blooded murder, guns,
    rights, and all the things they talk about but when they do the response should
    be to ask “where we you?” Why weren’t you at Malheur? Then tell them to shut
    the hell up and if there’s a next time to stay the hell off ndn land…something
    Chase Iron Eyes of Last real Indians might want to get on board with rather than
    attempting to find a misgbegotten common ground.
    Not to be outdone “conspiracy” sites will feel compelled to add their two cents
    worth and will probably wander far afield attempting to do so.
    As I said, nothing good will come of this and the body count stands for the moment
    at one – I don’t believe this will be allowed to drag on for much longer.
    I don’t have a dog in this fight, and I believe numerous government policies can
    truthfully be called an egregious over reach, but I also believe it serves no
    purpose to say the video doesn’t tell the whole story as some undoubtedly will
    claim and then raise hell when cops say the same thing when they get busted.
    Cops lie just like supporters of the occupation and conspiracy theorists do, in
    doing so the justice both claim to pursue is too often sacrificed.
    The very word militia should be abhorrent to all in ndn country unless militias
    like Chivington’s and others have been forgotten.

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