• Well, I’m sure there are those who disagree as is their right,
      but I wouldn’t mind if a camo wearing ( the official uniform)
      militia person or two weighed in.
      When a similar event was taking place at the Bundy ranch in Nevada
      it garnered support, Ammon Bundy must have assumed that support
      would carry over, the fact that it didn’t probably is translating
      to militias shooting themselves in the foot, and could lead to
      such groups moving to the top of the governmental priority list
      if they aren’t there already.
      Going the conspiracy route is probably seen as the best way to
      attempt recovering relevance and so we’re going to hear a lot of
      I don’t believe the mainstream media, conspiracy patriot sites,
      the government, or law enforcement agencies will be the best source
      of information – the better approach is to sift and dig a little deeper
      through what all of the above present.
      If you wind up getting called a fed or radical at least you will
      have made an effort to know and understand what has and is taking
      place – which is what it should be all about.

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