4 comments on “IOWA STUPID ?

  1. Rezinate, I am a middle aged Christian woman who has been dismayed
    by the slate of candidates my party is offering, and yes, I am a
    reigsietered Republican.
    At the moment I am not persuaded to vote for any of them and believe
    as you pointed out when it comes to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
    and our gallant men and women in the military what is being said by
    these candidates amount to little more than a ploy to win favor and
    gather votes.
    In good conscience I cannot cast my ballot for any who undertake such
    deception and if need be will refrain from voting.
    Your anger with Christianity as a Native American is understandable,
    but God loves you as much as he does any of his children and we are
    all called upon to forgive.
    God bless you, your words have opened my eyes to many things as well
    as my own shortcomings.

    • I appreciate your comment and the apparent sincerity of your beliefs, but
      I no more believe in a one size fits all Christians than I do an all encompassing
      “white guilt” and have said so numerous times in various blogs.
      I know how you feel, being a “registered” ndn I wouldn’t vote for the slate of
      “services” offered to us like the BIA or IHS.
      My “anger” is reserved for injustice whether past or present and for frauds
      regardless of ethnicity.
      It’s never been my inclination to turn the other cheek, though there have been
      a few times when I have – for the nations the history has been it made no
      difference if we would or how many times the results have always been the same.
      And while I cannot speak for others I will say turning the other cheek to ongoing
      inequities is not a choice I will make.
      Forgiveness to my way of thinking does not include providing an opportunity for
      repeat offenses, and is predicated upon an admission of an offense accompanied by
      assurances it will not be repeated.
      Change is often difficult, and while I can understand your dismay the grass is
      no greener on the other side of the fence with the exception of Bernie Sanders.
      I don’t know if he professes to be a Christian or not, and quite truthfully it doesn’t
      matter to me – but I submit the justice and equality Sanders proposes is closer to
      Christian values than any other candidate. As a Christian that might be something
      for you to consider.
      Early Christianity was very much communal in nature, all tended to the needs of the
      other. It was about the common welfare.
      There were no hucksters preaching a “prosperity doctrine”, no one leading an opulent
      lifestyle while others in their “flock” struggled to get by, nor charlatans performing
      fake healings and “slaying” people in the spirit. No superpac money and catering to the
      wishes of the monied.
      If there were one thing I could say to Christians it would be to return to their roots,
      to live their faith as it was given to them, not the construct and political theater
      it has evolved into.
      So again, thank you for your comment and be well.

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