• Ben Carson made an excellent point that while they may sometimes talk
      about what they the candidates would do if commander in chief as
      though they are expert strategists with a firm grip on the realities
      yet not a one of them has served in the military.
      Obama hasn’t, Bush hasn’t, and Clinton didn’t either, though I believe
      Carter did.
      I’ve always thought politicians who are so quick to beat the war drum
      should also have to be in the front lines – if that were the case things
      would probably be a lot different globally.
      The question that arises for me if women became required to sign up for the
      draft and it was reinstituted how many politicians with daughters do you think
      would try every manuver to keep them from being drafted, or assigned to a
      desk job out of harms way?
      I’ve always believed talk is cheap – politicians have turned it into an art form,
      but they’ve only been able to do so because it’s what the electorate goes for.
      It isn’t about substance, it’s primarily about bloviation…..and they’ve got
      that down pat.

      On the other hand I don’t think Hillary’s supporters really appreciate how
      much of a “progressive” and “reformer” she actually is – to that end to
      facilitate filling the gaps the below link should help.
      She’s certainly progressive when it comes to accepting money as she
      progressively accepts more and deepens her ties to corporate monied interests.
      Apparently her corporate cronies understand the positions she’s taking about
      reform etc are merely a campaign strategy (somethings she’s been pushed into
      by Sanders) and there’s nothing to it, or it would be doubtful they’d continue
      turning over the big bucks to her.
      A reformer? Perhaps Pinocchio could explain that one as I certainly can’t, nor
      can her spupporters if they stick to the facts and ignore the rhetoric.
      Hillary may present herself as this countries version of Englnad’s Iron
      Lady Margaret Thatcher but she’s actually the Green Lady as in the color
      of money.



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