12 comments on “WHO IS LEONARD PELTIER ?

    • I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for answers if I were you as they are
      questions that have been on the lips of people for decades – questions
      no one in AIM or Peltier himself want to have to contend with.
      So it becomes a no brainer to say the AIM leadership and Peltier are liars
      caught in a web of deceit they created.

      Men Like Peltier can be found in every community on or off the rez and
      among any ethnicity – they usually wind up in prison or dead due to the
      way they live their life.
      Peltier was a nobody before he went to prison and had he of not of in all
      probability he would spent his life as a nobody.
      I doubt he would have ever done anything constructive, ever got into art
      or amounted to anything other than a thug.
      No one on the national stage knew who Peltier was prior to his arrest and
      conviction, more to the point no one cared, and the majority still don’t
      How does that gel with the myth of an AIM mover and shaker, someone
      respected as a “leader” whose opinion was both valued and sought after?
      He was a thug and a flunky, and like all thugs and flunkies what notoriety
      they may have only exists on a localized level until they make the big time
      as Peltier has due to murder.
      The common understanding was he along with Dave Hill were Bank$ flunkies,
      his enforcers – neither were liked or admired.
      What constitutes a warrior or hero? Is it a preference for young girls barely
      into puberty? Is it cold blooded murder in mistakenly assuming the presence
      of federal agents is to arrest you on a fugitive warrant and subsequently
      placing women, children, and elders at risk as he opened fire?
      None of the above? Then how about interrogating a woman at gunpoint, is that
      the way of heros and warriors? How about the murder of a woman due in part
      because Peltier boasted to her how he had killed in cold blood?

      A warrior, hero, and leader? Give me a break.

  1. No rezinate we do not believe these are the same qquestions, they
    are new in the way you have asked them with this word mercy and
    will make people think in a different and new way.
    Yes, mercy, and how do you ask for this when he has never given it?

    • In the context this particular blog was written I don’t believe any grounds
      exist to plead for mercy. Mercy for what, killing people, denying it, and
      never asking to be forgiven?
      Never offering anything remotely resembling an apology to his victims survivors
      and instead running a self promotional scam upon the blood of those victims?
      Whether the questions are new or old is secondary in that they are valid,
      hopefully people will think about it.
      That’s my personal opinion and I’m sure there are those will disagree, but I could
      give a rip whether they do or not.
      If they chose to promote the same scam based upon the same blood that is no less a
      matter of choice as defining as the ones Peltier has made.
      Time is running out as Peltier marks the days waiting for an executive action just
      as he did with Clinton – if that isn’t forthcoming then Peltier’s fate is sealed
      short of demonstrating mercy himself.

  2. It’s funny, I have to say that I agree with and enjoy some of your “off topic,” blogs but I’ll always disagree with you when it comes to Peltier. Again, where is the indictment of the FED’S and their role in all of this? Has any of them expressed “remorse,” or asked “forgiveness,” for the Reign of Terror and ” aiding and abetting,” Dick Wilson and the uranium mining companies? How about agent Price, who you agreed lied on the stand about HIS interrogation of Annie Mae? Has HE showed any remorse for that or the other crimes that he committed against the Lakota people at that time? It’s big of you to at least advocate for medical treatment but blogs such as this just feed the self righteousness of trolls, tools and “thugs” such as Mr. Ed Woods( what rock did he climb from out under?), who if they weren’t wearing a badge while they committed their crimes they’d be in the same place as Peltier. As I’ve said many times, Peltier has spent way over time as the lone scapegoat of both sides. If you really believe in fair justice you’d be calling for the indictment and prosecution of a FED for their role and immediate Clemency for Peltier.

    • Kind of funny as well that during the entire existence of this
      blog I’ve called for any with any level of complicity to be held
      accountable and yet you have failed to do likewise.
      Characterizing Peltier as the “lone scapegoat of both sides” sounds
      as though you believe this complicity I’ve mentioned exists on
      “both sides”.
      Fair justice doesn’t imply to me that if more are sent to prison
      the person who actually pulled the trigger should be released.
      Being “big” has nothing to do with advocating for medical treatment
      for Peltier – what it has to do with is my belief in justice, that
      this isn’t the middle ages and the humane treatment of all prisoners
      world wide is not only a fundamental human right but a moral obligation
      as well.
      There are a lot of missing indictments and the question isn’t only where
      but why?
      Where are the indictments for Dennis Bank$ and Chris Westerman, both
      complicit in the murder of Ray Robinson?
      Where is the indictment for Dave Hill the alleged shooter?
      How about Bruce Ellison esq. for his participation in the interrogation
      of Annie following her abduction to PR? A complicity that makes him an
      aider and abettor before and after the fact to the murder.
      Where are the indictments for Charles Abourezk, Clyde Bellecourt, and Bill
      Means, all present at Bill Means house when the kill order for Annie came
      Price did lie on the stand, that’s a matter of record, and he should have
      been held accountable, but it seems a little egregious to me to any way
      attempt to liken perjury to murder.
      If it’s justice we pursue no one should be selective in it’s application,
      no one should resort to myths and lies in effort to subvert it, but we both
      know that isn’t the way it works.
      We know that politicians, corporations, CEOs, and law enforcement possess
      an immunity not granted to others in the vast majority of cases.
      But we also know the AIM leadership and those within AIM who have rolled
      over share in that immunity, and if your concern about justice is genuine
      then you should be speaking about that as well.
      As for me and apparently an increasing number of people I believe justice
      was served when Peltier was apprehended, tried, and convicted.
      I believe as he said if he hadn’t been caught sleeping and knew the RCMP were
      coming when they arrested him he would have shot them of their shoes, or at
      least tried to.
      I believe justice was served with the convictions of Arlo Looking Cloud,
      John Graham, and Thelma Rios who struck a bargain.
      It has yet to be served in the case of Perry Ray Robinson jr, and the unmarked
      graves of AIM’s victims at WK2 and elsewhere.
      It has yet to be served in it’s entirety when it comes to Annie.
      I can’t attest to the validity of it but a friend informed me there is article
      on a couple sites I have zero interest in visiting due to their bizarre nature
      that the Black Panthers are getting into the mix about justice for Ray.
      If so well and good, but I was also informed that a statement was made if AIM
      attempted to remove his or other bodies it wouldn’t go well for them as supposedly
      there are sentinels operating drones and night vision cameras etc. and the truth
      of it is I could cobble together some story about Interpol is getting involved
      and it would probably float with people who thrive on such stories.
      Taking into consider where this “intel” emanates from I’m as much inclined to
      believe it is true as I am that the moon is made of cheese.
      But taking into consideration that neither the black leadership or the Congressional
      Black Caucus have done nothing but sit on their hands I wouldn’t have a problem if
      the panthers or “the rents too damn high” guy took up the cause and I wouldn’t give
      a damn where it led.
      So how about it SB, want to advocate for any and all with any level of complicity to
      be held accountable or are you going to stick with AIM has none?
      You and AIM have attempted to float this idea that the max served on a federal life
      sentence is thirty years, yet fail to mention Peltier is serving two CONSECUTIVE life
      sentences – that means the first sentence has to be served before the second begins.
      By the very thirty year rule you all carry on about Peltier has served one life sentence
      and ten years into the second one.
      Now if that isn’t a correct interpretation explain where I’m wrong. If he serves that
      thirty he still has another seven for escape where another person lost their life.
      Forty years is a long time but you attempt to make it appear as though he’s served
      more time than anyone ever has.
      A strategy might have been for his attorneys to attempt to get the sentences to run
      concurrently – I don’t know if that’s possible post sentencing but if so then it seems
      that would have been worth an attempt.
      Robert Stroud, the Birdman of Alcatraz, was originally sentenced to 12 years for killing
      a man – he then killed a guard in a federal prison and spent the rest of his life in prison, a total of fifty four years.
      Not to devalue anyone’s life but it was a guard, not a cop on the street or a federal agent,
      and it’s long been understood if you kill a cop, especially a fed, you can kiss your ass
      and the rest of whatever freedom you might of had goodbye.
      Peltier knew that, it’s why he got rattled and said he and his cohorts had to get out there
      following the murder of Williams and Coler – it’s why he fled to Canada and why he attempted
      to escape from Lompoc.
      Like I’ve said repeatedly, show me that Woods was involved in any way at wk2 and my approach
      will change.
      If you can’t then the obvious attempt at misdirection is just that – obvious.
      Forgiveness? I have yet to forgive AIM for a single thing they’ve done any more
      than I have or will with any shown to be complicit.

  3. I’m no lawyer but this is from Peltier’s own, ” 40th year,” statement:


    • Some one needs to tell Peltier and ILPDC to produce some evidence
      that the average was seven years on a life sentence as there is
      absolutely no basis in fact for such a claim.
      I saw this a day or two ago and asked a couple of attorneys I
      know – their response was Bullshit.
      I was going to address it in the blog but figured you would weigh
      in and I was curious if you would attempt to float it or actually
      make an effort to verify it and then having done so pass on it.
      The mandatory 30 years? Already addressed that and apparently
      that’s something you and others find to be an inconvenient truth
      better ignored.
      Of course the expectation based on past history is that the
      Peltierites will accept it at face value and make no effort
      to verify just as they so do many other things.
      If Peltier want’s to say laws aren’t supposed to be changed
      to keep him in prison he needs to understand he can’t change
      them to get out.

    • SOP huh SB? No response to specific questions and just toss
      up a link or two.
      Well to begin with we both know ICT as an indigenous news source
      with various editors and contributors ICT presents the news in
      ndn country – in doing so it isn’t an affirmation that ICT is
      supportive of the context or positions of a story.
      And if you want to get down to it ICT was the first ndn media
      source to question Peltier’s “innocence” and then led the charge
      exposing the lies around the myth and the truth related to the
      murder of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and other AIM victims.
      So what should I say, if the events Chauncey Peltier relates are
      true I should condemn them? Well, I do – a child shouldn’t be
      mistreated regardless of whose child they are.
      Should I take it at face value that the statement of a lone
      individual who says they will do all they can to insure Peltier
      stays in prison is proof of a “conspiracy”?
      Some will do so eagerly, I won’t.
      This story plays fast and loose with a number of things – for
      instance the stop of the red pick up with guns drawn, something
      of a new twist on a old version that begs a few questions and a few
      answers neither you nor anyone else will be forthcoming with.
      Questions such as:

      If it played out this way how did the agents two vehicles then
      wind up in the middle of field riddled with bullets?
      Did the occupant(s) of the pick up speed away even though detained
      at “gunpoint”?
      Since the procedure is usually to have “suspects” exit their vehicle
      were they allowed to get back in and leave with the firefight as
      instigated by Peltier and his cohorts following that?
      If so what was the reason for doing so if not that Peltier believed
      the agents were there looking for him on a fugitive warrant out of
      You have to be careful with mentioning this red pick, as you recall
      the thoroughly discredited story of Mr.X has long been associated
      with it.
      If you remember the X version was he was transporting dynamite in a
      pick up – so how is it during this “armed” stop the dynamite wasn’t
      discovered? Were the occupants allowed to go on their merry way or
      did they use these explosives to facilitate their escape?
      Apparently readers are supposed to believe two late model cop cars
      with antennas and divers in suits and ties were mistaken for “goons”?
      Get real – did goons singularly drive around in such cars wearing
      suits and ties? Do you or anyone else believe a cop car marked or unmarked
      and a cop or fed can’t be spotted on any rez? If nothing else the antenna
      and license plates are a dead giveaway.
      The appearance of such a story and this twist I imagine has something
      to do with Peltier’s push for clemency being akin to a football team
      finding themselves behind in the fourth quarter with two minutes left
      in the game – a little desperation sets in, something unexpected needs
      to be attempted, throw a different look at the opposing team, and like
      those two minute drills sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
      In this case it doesn’t.
      The article makes a nice read for those it will resonate with, but
      something more than a statement by the son of man who wants his father
      released is required to persuade me taking into consideration this
      latest version of the “stop”.

  4. Regarding Leonard’s “good time” not being counted:

    He was arrested February 6, 1976 + 67 (20=20=7) years = Feb 6, 2043 release date.

    However, the Bureau of Prisons lists his scheduled release date as Oct 11, 2040.
    That means he HAS BEEN credited with 848 days: or, 2 years, 3 months, and 26 days.

    Facts Matter.

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