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  1. The DOJ guidelines are very clear on eligibility requirements for clemency, and Peltier meets none of the criteria. The process calls for candidates to be vetted by DOJ, and while there’s no absolute rule against the President reaching into the pile, the process is set up to prevent that. Obama has been comparatively stingy with clemency, and his AG’s have clarified the position that it’s intended only for non-violent criminals.

    Could he surprise us? Certainly! But I seriously doubt it. The blowback from Bill Clinton’s last-day clemencies remain a black mark on his presidency, and I doubt BHO wants to be remembered the same way.

    But as you say, it’s above my pay grade.

    • I understand, but in blogging about this I took into consideration
      Clinton’s pardon/clemency record and that of others, so I say not
      much in the way of such things would surprise me.
      Clinton’s issuing of pardons was due in part to “political debts”,
      Obama has a few of those as well.
      Clinton’s post presidency approval ratings don’t speak to much
      of a blowback, or any adverse affect they may have had – apparently
      pardoning criminals isn’t high on the public’s memory list.
      As I understand it Obama has already issued more pardons than his
      predecessor – wouldn’t swear to that but I believe more are forthcoming.
      I’m not opposed to pardons when they are warranted, in Peltier’s case I
      don’t believe one is.
      I don’t smoke pot, drink, or do any drugs, but I think it’s stupid to
      saddle a person with a criminal record for a victimless crime if such
      usage is restricted to them.
      The so called war on drugs has been an abject failure when you consider
      such things as the increase in heroin addiction – we’ve propped up
      governments that have turned a blind eye to it and spent untold billions
      here and abroad in the “war”.
      That kind of winning sounds a lot like Charlie Sheen’s version.
      The gangster era of the 1920’s and 30’s was due in large part to
      prohibition – was a lesson learned? Doesn’t seem like it, but if
      it was repealing prohibition and decriminalizing pot speaks to
      I’m not advocating for the legalization of drugs and think it
      would be a recipe for diaster, but haven’t an issue if pot
      is – as to the rest a different approach is obviously called
      Values are changing on a generational level, an evil to one generation
      doesn’t always translate the same to the next – whether they are
      appropriate or not.
      The so called “millennials” have and are going to have a lot to say
      about the directions taken. Business as usual isn’t going to cut it
      anymore, personally I say that’s a good thing.

  2. According to the DOJ, Clinton pardoned, commuted or rescinded the convictions of 459 people.
    George W. Bush 200, Obama 257 (and counting).
    For comparison: Nixon 922, Johnson 1,186, and Eisenhower 1,157.

    Interesting trends! Not sure what they imply, but executive clemency except where the full sentence has been served is a long shot at best. (Peltier’s scheduled release date is Oct 11, 2040)


    • Thnks for the info – would be interesting to know
      the motivations and particulars.
      Also will be intersting to see how the DOJ and
      Loretta Lynch respond if there’s substance to
      the Hillary’s emails.

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