3 comments on ““RADICAL”

    • Well, maybe there are those who perceive me as a sterotyped
      illiterate angry “raggedy ass ndn”, and maybe I am, though
      I don’t think of myself as an angry person.
      That isn’t to say I don’t have strong opinions about certain
      issues or that I’m hesitant to express them.
      I am an advocate for free speech, perhaps as an indigenous
      person more so than others as our voices have been suppressed
      and denied for centuries.
      A part of our history following the invasion and certainly a
      fact that influences all of us.
      I take the position that some speech is not only outrageous
      and offensive, but also that I don’t have to listen to anything
      I don’t care to.
      Often enough I encounter people who are either offended, dismissive,
      or have a difficult time wrapping their mind around the fact that as
      an indigenous person I actually have opinions about the political
      process – yet as a very small minority demographic as a people, as
      nations, we will be heavily impacted by national economic fortunes or
      misfortunes as well as policies.
      With that as the reality I believe we are obliged to keep ourselves
      informed and in as much as possible make our voices heard.
      Sovereignty is our inherent birthright, no less than that of others
      across the globe – that however is not the way of it and we should be
      doing everything we can to mitigate the lack of it and filling the
      An effort that requires a cultural and traditional revival as well
      doing all we can to develop self reliance, infrastructure, and the
      ability to feed ourselves.
      Such an effort whether good or bad is linked to government policies
      and elected politicians, the clear implication is those elected
      officials who prioritize the well being of all people rather than
      the entitled will facilitate our well being in the process, with
      the opposite being true.
      Our issues are about jobs, opportunity, education,healthcare, housing.
      Not a bunch of flag waving about guns, making a public display of
      “faith” to curry favor and votes, or legislation that further empowers
      the existing corporatocracy.
      It hasn’t been an easy task to gather a vocabulary that allows me to
      express myself in an understandable “mainstream” manner, believing I
      have done so I have no intention of remaining silent – and you can
      call that angry or whatever you will.
      You have the same options as I do – if you don’t like what’s being said
      don’t listen, or read in this case.

    • TG,
      Your hit-and-run negative comment – a dizzying, impressive intellectual “contribution” to the discussion of 14 words – suggests, given the total absence of ideas, the knowledge deficit originates elsewhere.

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