5 comments on “RAISING ONE’S VOICE

  1. As is the norm following a blog topic like the above email discussions ensue and I welcome the questions and opinions, so in summation I offer the following:

    I’ve heard it said that a person is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts – if that were the standard the internet would probably be in decline as manufactured facts abound as much as do opinions.
    At the very least that should lead to people being willing to do the math and fact check rather than construct an alternate universe to suit their personal opinion.
    But of course that generally isn’t the way of it and it is what it is.
    It seems a simple thing, a reasonable approach to say that with issues involving AIM, or more pointedly crimes committed by AIM, all with any level of complicity should be held to account whether they be AIM members, supporters, or anyone else.
    To do so ups the ante though and you’ll be hard pressed to find any willing to second the motion.
    I consider that to be an ongoing victimization and miscarriage of justice – a deliberate and calculated effort in the midst of expressions advocating for justice and claims of innocence.
    That of course is an expression of an opinion I hold that may or may not resonate with others, but on more than one occasion exchanges have taken place in this blog where once actual facts were presented a denier has deemed ending the conversation better than prolonging it when “facts” like “it felt like it” or the only response was to avoid a direct answer failed to be sustainable.
    An embedded fallacy is that the only way you can possibly be a “last real Indian” is if you turn a blind eye to criminals within our communities – if that were truly the way of it all communities regardless of ethnicity would turn the same blind eye to criminals within their communities if they would be last real Hispanics, Afro Americans, Italians, Asians, or any other race.
    The history of our nations hasn’t followed a regimen like that and it is a bizarre expectation for any to assume we should internet or not.
    Crime in our communities exceeds national averages and as a people we are as obliged to confront it just as any other community is.
    Those who think differently or generate countless excuses why we aren’t need to either wake up or shut up as our communities likewise need to be a secure place to live and raise children.
    We aren’t obliged to condone or ignore the theft of a single possession, the assault on a single person, rape, murder, child abuse, or rampant alcohol and drug addiction accompanied by all the associated miseries including gangs – and that includes the AIM gang.
    We need men and women of integrity as role models, not thugs claiming to be “liberators” and hope to die “traditional” ndns.
    We need the truth, not lies – community organizers who don’t see grants or donations as the road to personal enrichment or a nepotism vehicle for jobs.
    Any man or woman among our nations who was known to be a liar was shunned, in today’s world due in part to non indigenous romantic illusions and a fawning media they enjoy a never before heard of level of insulation, and all that we have been is beginning to fall by the wayside as a direct result of that.
    As to that I’ll offer another opinion, and that is I’m getting damned tired of it.

    • That quote, has been on the home page for sixteen years and is attributed to Vincent Bugliosi but perhaps it did’t originate with him. None the less, “People are entitled to their own opinions, not their own facts,” pretty much sums up the Peltier, AIM (Redford, Fonda, Et. Al.) “discussions.” And yes, the LP “team” announced a new application. More to follow….

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