4 comments on “CUBA

  1. The U.S. Embargo didn’t work, at least in the later decades when Cuba was dealing with most European countries, and still it’s a mess. Castro’s communism was and will be a failure no matter how many U.S. companies decide to do business with them. If there would be a successful uprising maybe democracy would be the right path. But as you’e pointed out many times, it didn’t work in NDA country.

    • Castro if nothing else has held on to power for decades,
      born of the Kennedy Kruschev era when it was all about
      bomb shelters and the Cold War.
      I’m of the opinion that normalized relations that include
      trade and cultural exchanges will become a vehicle for
      change – no need to bomb Cuba into the stone age and then
      “nation build”.
      I’ve known a few Cubans and they were good people, most
      were rabidly anti Castro and wanted only the best for
      their country and people.

      • Absolutely. Not too funny, but when they show news clips of Havana (today) it looks like a Friday night rod run at thousands of Stake and Shakes, etc., around the U.S. Those 50s cars would be a lot more valuable here.
        That’s what it will take; with the average Cuban making $20/week, Internet as slow as the relics on the streets, suppression of every fundamental human right, is for a real taste of commerce and business (I know, not one of your favorite topics), but financial opportunity and growth for the good people of Cuba to rise up and find their independence.
        Gitmo? We can park a few dozen warships anywhere in the world; do we really need that real estate any more? In the 50s and 60s, sure, but now it would make one heck of a tourist resort.

      • Noticed all the vintage/classic cars in photos and videos of Cuba,
        amazing all things considered that they seem to be able to keep them
        in good shape and operational.
        Don’t have a problem with “business” or a reasonable profit, have a
        serious problem with the way it’s conducted by corps.
        Agree about Gitmo, no reason to be there.

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