1. I enlisted at a time when there was a draft. At seventeen kicked out of high school and limited job opportunities my parents signed the papers that gave the Army loco parentis over me. It was 1967 and my parents thought that the Army would make a man or warrior of me.
    Anyhow we join for various reasons some of which you outline here and its generally not about the flag and apple pie. Good to see you can disagree with the decision to join but can respect those that have or do. Sometimes we have little control over it. I always respected the draftees they did things they were forced to do the best they could and made the Army a lot less rigid which helped in many situations.

    • Sorry for the slow response, took a break from the
      comp for a couple of days – sometimes when people
      question me about why any of our people join the
      military even against our own in the past the reasons
      are so many and varied I merely say we’ve always
      gone where the fight is.

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