1. Additional related thoughrts:
    Conservatives have generated a fair amount of currency related to
    Benghazi and Hillary’s emails, and there are valid grounds for doing
    so sans the additional bs they attach as “riders”.
    They do this as though a politician lying, in this case Clinton, is
    a singular event while ignoring the lies of the Bush adminsitration
    about WMDs in Iraq.
    So how do you go about evaluating the severity? Should it be based
    upon body count, after effects, monetary cost, betraying an entire
    nation of people, or the all consuming lack of integrity?
    Difficult questions and I don’t profess to have the answers – I offer
    the opinion that such lies rend the fabric of a nation. They undermine
    a sense of well being, confidence, and even morale in demonstrating that
    government controls, not the people, and that absolute power corrupts
    It further demonstrates that the mainstream corporate owned media has
    it’s own agenda reflective of ownership – that a free press whose obligation
    is to disseminate the unvarnished truth is an anachronism rather than the

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