1. We are women and like other women would like to see a woman to be
    president and think it could be a good thing, and we know you have always
    spoken for women and defended them but we to say not this woman.

    • As I’ve said on more than one occasion
      I haven’t a single issue with a woman
      president, but also gender alone is not
      an entitlement to become president.
      When you look at the male dominated history
      of the presidency it’s obvious that in
      merely being a man more than one weren’t
      qualified – if a woman is to become president
      it should be one who elevates the standard of
      qualification, not maintains it.
      In lieu of this lack of qualification by any
      other candidate excepting Sanders he should be
      the hands down obvious choice.
      When Bill Clinton was nominated they adopted a
      campaign song by Fleetwood Mac about don’t
      stop thinking about tomorrow – the message being
      a better day was coming and part of the problem
      How so? Some people are actually thinking about
      tomorrow and the potential for better days, along
      with that they’re also thinking about those yesterdays
      of Nafta and promises of jobs that would result and
      didn’t, when the repeal of Glass Steagall, welfare and
      “justice reform” were enacted, tales of sniper fire,
      and volumes of lies.
      The flip flopping and attempted makeovers, the greed
      and sense of entitlement. The “aw shucks” hucksterism,
      the “foundation” and influence auctioneering.
      Yeah, don’t stop thinking about tomorrow but don’t
      forget yesterday in the process.

  2. Rezinate, you resonate in the way you have of getting right to the point that
    makes it difficult to dispute.
    A few months ago I would have waved my Hillary banner and fervently
    engaged you.
    I feel now as though I have been gender exploited and it would be foolish to
    do so, that you are correct in saying Hillary Clinton is not the woman for the
    Feel the Bern.

    • Well, I believe the truth about Hillary is available to one and all, whether it resonates or not depends on a number of things and shouldn’t be predicated or qualified on the basis of gender.
      Feel the Bern and welcome aboard.
      If politics and elected officials aren’t about the common good and integrity then they become exploitative.
      The common good and an oppressive counterproductive exploitation by their very nature cannot coexist.

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